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Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides support for injured workers who reside in Phoenix or other local Arizona cities. The benefits include financial compensation to help cover any temporary or permanent disabilities. In exchange for accepting workers’ compensation benefits, injured Phoenix and AZ employees give up their right to sue their employer for negligence. The benefits include:

  • Permanent Injury Benefits: Compensation for permanent injuries such as blindness or a loss of hearing.
  • Permanent Total Benefits: Compensation for those who are so disabled that they can never return to work.
  • Supplemental Benefits: If your earning potential is impacted because of your injury, supplemental benefits will help make up for your losses.
  • Temporary Injury Benefits: Compensation for temporary injuries that leave the employee able to work, but at reduced hours for a certain amount of time.
  • Temporary Total Benefits: Compensation for those who are temporarily unable to work at all.
  • Death Benefits: Compensation for surviving family members or dependents if the injury results in the employees’ death.

Employers in Arizona are required to maintain workers’ compensation for their employees. And since Arizona is a no-fault state, injured employees are entitled to benefits no matter the cause of their injury. This does not make the process of obtaining Phoenix workers’ compensation easy per se. There are still certain requirements and legal challenges that need to be overcome before you receive any benefits.

Workplace Accidents

Your employer or their insurance provider may challenge your claim and refuse to pay. They may argue that your injury occurred outside the workplace or that your negligence caused the injury. If they have a valid reason for believing that is the case, they may be able to deny your Arizona workers’ compensation claim.


Notify your employer of any injury as soon as possible. Major injuries are likely to be brought to the attention of your employer in Phoenix or nearby Arizona cities immediately. In fact, they may be responsible for getting you to immediate medical attention if the injury is serious enough such as a broken bone or bad concussion. However, for smaller injuries, such as a developing back problem, your employer may not be aware. You will need to notify them as soon as possible about your injury to start the filing process.

Medical Treatment

The ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona) handles all workers’ compensation claims. You will need to file a claim to them within one year to remain eligible for the full compensation benefits. This is why it is important to notify your employer right away, when you first become aware of the injury. If you try to claim workers’ compensation for an injury several years later, your claim will likely be denied.

Get the medical treatment you need. As soon as you are aware of your injury, get adequate medical support at one of the local health clinics or hospitals in Phoenix, AZ. This may simply involve contacting a medical professional for advice, or it may include surgical or other treatment options. Be sure to document all treatments you receive.

You have one year to file a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona. To be eligible to receive Phoenix workers’ compensation, you must file your claim within one year of the injury. You should consult with an attorney to determine the most appropriate strategy for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona.

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Contact the experienced workers’ compensation lawyers at Arizona Injury Law Group to help you navigate the process. The filing process is difficult enough, and insurance companies and employers may challenge your claims. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Phoenix will help protect your rights and work aggressively for your appropriate awarded financial compensation.

Our Attorneys:

  • Assist the client throughout the legal process for workplace accidents or personal injuries.
  • Get involved immediately if your Phoenix workers’ compensation claim or case is denied.
  • Assist employees who have insurance providers deny them the medical treatment they require.
  • Strive to get you the awarded compensation you deserve while you’re unable to work.

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The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group are readily available to help answer your legal questions. If you have been injured, schedule a free consultation with us below to learn how we can help.

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The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group are readily available to help answer your legal questions. If you have been injured, schedule a free consultation with us below to learn how we can help.

We are available to:

Help navigate the entire legal process for both personal injuries and work-place accidents.
Intervene if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied.
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