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I can never thank Briana and her staff enough for all they did to help me from the first call to the last email they have been dedicated to me and my case they listened to my concerns and made me feel important as a person and not just as a case.

they took the time to explain each step and was right by my side the whole time , they made me feel comfortable and confident when talking to attorney’s and doctors from the other side.

Any time I had a question or worry they took the time to discuss them and was pleasant no matter how many times I emailed or called they were there for me.

I would recommend Briana and her staff to anyone and everyone.

Thank you for all your help, I could not of done it on my own and succeeded.


I am very grateful with the attorney Ben and his paralegal Marissa for doing such an excellent job and for being so attentive and helpful with me in my case. I’m very happy because they won my case and I would recommend them for the great job that they did. May God bless their work.


I have been a client of Briana Chua since 2014. She took on my case after another local firm failed to put in the effort needed to win my case. My worker’s comp case was not an easy one to present or win due to special circumstances, but she put in an outstanding effort. I was injured on the job and my employer did not carry the insurance required by law to cover my injuries. My girlfriend and I had to struggle to come up with the money for my surgery and rehab, not to mention I could not work. Briana was my last hope to be compensated for my medical bills and injuries. She was able to present an excellent case for me and the judge ruled in my favor. The case took a long time. Briana always kept me informed of the progress and the next steps to expect. I would recommend her and her experience to anyone looking to have someone fight for them and get them the settlement they deserve.


I called Briana Chua after researching worker’s compensation lawyers online. I was impressed by Ms. Chua’s experience. When I called her office I was able to easily get in contact with her, which is nice. During our phone call she was willing to answer my questions with detailed, helpful answers. I greatly appreciate the time she took to speak with me about the confusing and stressful situation that I was in.


The service the commitment to excellence exhibited on there behalf the eleven months of handling my injury case.Total honesty would recommend 200 percent to anyone fighting any injury the chances are high you will win with Az injury group.I’m grateful to the entire staff for the job they did.Wasnt about the win more about staying authentic the whole path.Thank you Wes Montrose Erandi the whole staff.Thank you again.God Bless.


Attorney Benjamin and his assistant Marissa gave me very good services in my entire case. Iam very grateful for them for what they did for me in my case. I would recommend them to the people if you have any problems/work accidents they can help you with your problems you may have.


If you are looking for the best legal representation for your case then I recommend Attorney Weston S Montrose. He worked not only harder but smarter to handle all the details of my case. He advised me on every step to take to insure the best results. He was always available and returned all my messages promptly and his legal assistant Gina is simply the best. Gina is fully ;bilingual in Spanish so if you need Spanish representation, don’t worry Mr. Weston Montrose can help you too. Muchas Gracias to Mr. Weston Montrose, Gina and all the staff!


Briana Chua is actually an expert in this matter. I became ill and ultimately permanently and totally disabled. My doctors suggested I contact an attorney who specializes in workers compensation. I had good disability insurance and a diagnosis.


Briana was so accommodating and definitely stepped out of her comfort zone in my case, I couldn’t of asked for a better person to stand beside me through this horrific time in my life. She was the one standing by me all the way to the end and I could never put into words nor repay what that really meant to me.You couldn’t ask for a more professional, knowledgeable, and personal attorney. Thank you Briana.


Ben and Marrisa are awesome,they went above and beyond with my workers comp case,anytime I had a question they were there for me,with my injury it left me disabled and my future was in doubt but Ben was there for me and he won me the financial and medical stability for me to live ,THANK YOU SO MUCH.


I highly recommend Attorney Benjamin Manion and the law firm of Arizona Injury Law Group.. Workers’ compensation is a hard and difficult road to navigate and he has made it easier to understand and navigate. Give him a call. You won’t be disappointed.


Weston Montrose saved my life, I don’t know how I would have gotten help without him. My case is very small but I am always treated like a million dollar client. Everyone there is polite , patient, and helpful. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.


To other people out there who need awesome legal representation, Hello my name is Jerry. I had tried to take care of my worker’s comp situation for over a year. By the time I needed a second surgery they wouldn’t even call me back, so enough, that’s when we prayed, looked for and hooked up with an awesome attorney and totally great person Briana Chua. The harder they were on her she fought back even harder with total class and dignity. Her awesome demeanor stands out so much every time you meet with her that you find yourself not only liking her a lot but also respecting her a ton. When it comes to being the best and producing great results for her clients in my opinion, there is no one, I repeat absolutely no one better than Briana Chua. What a privilege and honor it was for us to have met her. I recommend her 100%! From a very happy and satisfied Client.


I would just like to express my gratitude to the Arizona Injury Law Group for fighting for me. They are really professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them.


The best of service. May God bless you.


Briana provided a free consultation and was amazing! She answered my questions, ALL of them and provided more information than I could have ever hoped for. Briana gave me a place to start/guidance. I highly recommend Briana!!!


Estoy satisfecho con el trabajo del Abogado Benjamin Manion y su buffet. Ya que fue rapido mi proceso y ganamos el caso, muy Buena atencion muy amables siempre y respetuosos.


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