Phoenix Knee Replacement Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Knee Replacement Work Injury Lawyer
Best Phoenix Knee Replacement Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Knee Replacement Work Injury Attorney

Every employee has the right to go to work in a safe and supportive environment. However, due to employers overlooking safety regulations or proper safety training and education not being carried out, serious accidents can happen in the workplace, leading to injuries. If you have injured your knee in the workplace and need a replacement, a Phoenix knee replacement work injury lawyer from Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC can help you pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

At Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC, our team of lawyers has been working with Phoenix employees for years to help get them the support that they need before, during, and after having a knee replacement due to a work-related injury.

Our team can walk you through the workers’ compensation claims process in order to ensure that you have an optimal settlement. In cases in which the employer acted in a way that was sufficiently reckless or egregious, intentionally causing your workplace injuries, a claim could be filed against them as well.

Workplace Knee Injuries in Phoenix, Arizona

Knee injuries can happen in the workplace due to slip-and-fall accidents, falling from heights, and being hit by falling objects. Industries that commonly see knee injuries are construction, manufacturing, public safety, and sports and athletics. Many kinds of knee injuries can occur as a result of workplace accidents.

In order to understand workplace knee injuries, it’s critical to have a grasp of the basic anatomy of the knee. The knee joint connects the tibia, or lower leg, with the femur, or upper leg. The bone covering this knee joint is known as the patella. When a bone, such as the patella, is broken in the knee, this is a serious type of knee injury known as a knee fracture. The ligaments within the knee, including the ACL and meniscus, can be torn, often requiring surgery to heal properly.

Signs of Knee Injuries and Next Steps

Some common signs of a serious knee injury include bleeding, swelling, inability to walk or move the knee joint, inability to straighten the leg, weakness, bruising, and tenderness around the knee. If you have suffered a serious knee injury, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

If this knee injury was caused as a result of a workplace accident, then a Phoenix personal injury lawyer from Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC can help you seek the compensation that you deserve. They can help you ensure that a workers’ compensation claim has been filed by your employer through their insurance and negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a package that covers all of your needs.

Workers’ compensation settlements can cover all of your medical expenses resulting from the injury, such as surgery, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, rehabilitation, and more. They can also cover a portion of the income you lose while not being able to work.

FAQs About Phoenix, AZ Knee Replacement Work Injury Laws

How Much Compensation Can I Get for a Knee Injury in Phoenix?

In Phoenix, as well as the rest of the United States, the amount of compensation that you can obtain for a knee injury depends on the seriousness of the accident, the parties involved, and whether there was gross negligence.

Serious knee injuries will have greater medical costs, such as surgery costs, rehabilitation, and lost wages associated with not being able to work. The average workers’ compensation settlement for a knee injury is $35,332.

Can I Damage a Total Knee Replacement if I Fall on It?

If you fall on your total knee replacement, it is possible that you may not damage it. Whether or not the replacement will be damaged is due to factors such as the force of the fall, the density of your bones, and the angle at which the fall struck.

It’s important to note, though, that falling on your knee replacement does put it at risk for damage. Therefore, if you are going through a period of rehabilitation or temporary instability, it is advised to use a cane or a walker so that you don’t fall.

If I Injure My Knee at Work, Should I Report It?

If you are in a workplace accident in Phoenix, Arizona, that results in a knee injury, then it is critical to report it to the supervisors of your company or organization. If an emergency occurs, then it’s important to call 911 so that medical assistance can arrive. After a knee injury in the workplace, not only should you be sure to inform your employer and responsible supervisors, but you should also keep documentation of the notification, as well as details on the scene of the accident and injuries involved.

What Is Considered to Be a Serious Knee Injury?

If you fracture one or more of your knees, this is considered to be a serious injury, as it can threaten your ability to walk and move generally, as well as work and carry out everyday tasks. If the kneecap, or patella, is dislocated or fractured, and proper treatment is not received, this can lead to a wide variety of long-term issues. If you have experienced a serious knee injury at work, it’s important to get in touch with a Phoenix knee replacement lawyer.

Work With Phoenix Knee Replacement Attorneys Who Can Fight for Optimal Compensation

Experiencing a traumatic accident at work can be trying both mentally and physically. In addition, if major surgeries, such as knee replacements, are required as an aftermath of the surgery, this can be difficult and have long-term impacts. Therefore, it is critical to have legal support to walk you through the claims and negotiations process and ensure that you have the proper financial coverage for all costs associated with your knee injury.

At Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC, our lawyers are proficient at estimating the costs associated with work injuries, including knee injuries, and can take into account not only past damages but future costs that will have to be paid as well, such as rehabilitation and clinic visits. Reach out to our legal team today to get the support you need during this difficult time.


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