Phoenix Spine & Paralysis Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Spine & Paralysis Work Injury Lawyer
Phoenix Spine & Paralysis Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Spine & Paralysis Work Injury Attorney

The spinal cord carries brain signals and allows for conscious control over every part of the body, making it one of the most critical components of the human body. Unfortunately, any damage to the spinal cord is permanent, and if you suffered such an injury at work, it is understandable to wonder what type of compensation you can claim from your employer. A Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury lawyer can help in this situation.

Representing Work Injury Claims for Spinal Cord Damage in Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona Injury Law Group has years of professional experience in workers’ compensation cases in Phoenix, and we know how damaging, traumatic, and expensive any workplace injury can be. A spinal cord injury is life-changing for the victim and their family, and you may be uncertain and distressed when you consider what legal steps you may need to take to recover from the injury as fully as possible.

Our firm provides client-focused legal counsel in every work injury case we accept. Your Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury lawyer can carefully review the details of how your injury occurred, guide you through the workers’ compensation claim filing process in Phoenix, AZ, and help you understand the extent of benefits you should receive from your employer’s insurance company. You may also have grounds for further legal recourse we can help you explore.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Spinal Cord Injuries in Phoenix

The main purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide a financial safety net to injured workers, compensating them for their medical expenses and providing ongoing benefits when they are unable to work and earn income while recovering. An injured employee should notify their employer of their injury as quickly as possible, and the employer is required to facilitate the injured worker’s claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

As part of the claim review process, the injured claimant will need to undergo a medical examination from a workers’ compensation doctor. This doctor will assess the severity of their injury and assign a disability rating that reflects their ability to continue working. Spinal cord injuries tend to generate very high disability ratings, and some victims of these injuries could be left unable to work at all in the future.

After Assessment, the Insurance Company Will Issue a Determination of Benefits

Once the insurance company completes its assessment of your claim, it will issue a determination of benefits. Generally, an injured worker can expect their employer’s insurance company to pay for all their medical treatment and provide ongoing disability benefits that reflect the severity of their injury. These benefits may be awarded on a partial or total basis depending on whether the claimant retains any ability to work and earn income.

If a spinal cord injury happens because of the actions of a specific party, the injured worker could have grounds to file a third-party personal injury claim that enables them to claim compensation for damages that workers’ compensation insurance won’t cover, namely, their pain and suffering. When you choose the Arizona Injury Law Group to represent you, you will have a dedicated Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury attorney who can help maximize your recovery.


Q: How Much Does a Spinal Cord Injury Cost?

A: The cost of a spinal cord injury can include all of the victim’s immediate medical expenses following their injury as well as expensive ongoing care for the rehabilitation and future treatment they will require. Spinal cord injuries almost always result in some measure of long-term or permanent harm, and some victims will require medical devices, surgeries, and constant in-home care, depending on the severity of their condition.

Q: Is a Spinal Cord Injury Permanent?

A: Yes, a spinal cord injury is permanent. The spinal cord does not have the ability to repair itself like the rest of the body, so any physical injury to the spinal cord will not heal over time. The severity of the resulting symptoms depends on the location of the injury on the spine and whether it was a complete injury that severed the cord or if it was an incomplete injury. Spinal cord injuries can be unpredictable when it comes to the severity of a victim’s symptoms.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Spinal Cord Injury?

A: The compensation you can receive for a spinal cord injury depends on multiple factors. If you suffered a spinal cord injury at work, your workers’ compensation claim should cover all your medical expenses and provide ongoing disability benefits. A Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury lawyer can help maximize your benefits based on whether you retain any ability to continue working.

Q: Can I Receive Pain and Suffering Compensation From Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

A: No, you cannot receive compensation for pain and suffering from workers’ compensation insurance. However, if a specific party caused your injury and you have grounds to file a third-party claim, you could claim pain and suffering compensation from the defendant. Your attorney will know what types of benefits you can claim from workers’ compensation and how to maximize your claim payout.

Q: What Are Attorneys’ Fees for a Phoenix Spine & Paralysis Work Injury Lawyer?

A: Attorneys’ fees for a Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury attorney depend on the attorney’s billing policy. The Arizona Injury Law Group takes workers’ compensation cases on a contingency fee basis, so our clients part with only a percentage of whatever compensation we secure for them as our fee. Additionally, they pay this fee only if and when we win their case, so there is no risk of the client paying more for legal counsel than they win in compensation.

The team at the Arizona Injury Law Group excels at resolving complicated work injury cases, including those pertaining to complex spinal cord injuries. We know how damaging these injuries are and that you are likely to have many difficult questions regarding your recovery. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with an experienced Phoenix spine & paralysis work injury lawyer you trust with your case.


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