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Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC offer workers’ compensation legal services in Arizona, helping injured workers’ obtain justice with benefits, compensation and a voice standing up for you!

Wes Montrose and Briana Chua have over two collective decades experience and are Certified by the Arizona State Bar as workers’ compensation specialists. This means they are highly qualified to represent your best interests.

Phoenix Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers

Arizona Injury Law Group specializes in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims in Phoenix and other Arizona cities. We have decades of combined of experience successfully representing both personal injury and workers’ compensation clients, Our lawyers are certified by the State Bar of Arizona as specialists in workers’ compensation.

We handle various Phoenix personal injury claims including motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, workers’ compensation (injuries at work), construction site accidents, The knowledgeable attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group can help you initiate a claim, intervene for a denied workers’ compensation claim, or step in when employers and insurance companies create problems or deny payment of compensation or medical treatment.

The Phoenix law office of Arizona Injury Law Group understands that the workers’ compensation process can be an intimidating one. That is why our lawyers strive to educate and guide each of our valued clients through the process of representing them to our fullest ability.

To get started, call our friendly staff today and schedule a consultation at 602-346-9009. No retainer required in most cases, habla Espanol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workers Compensation Lawyers

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides injured employees with benefits medical care without any co-pays/deductibles/out of pocket expenses to the injured worker, lost wages,and death benefits payable to dependents in the case of a fatal work injury. Arizona is a no-fault state which means that employees are entitled to benefits no matter who or what caused their injury.

How to Handle a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Notify Your Employer. After you are injured at work, immediately notify your employer as soon as possible.

Get Medical Treatment. Make sure you get your injury assessed by a medical professional and find out what medical treatment your injuries require. Document any procedures and medications you have been prescribed and ask the medical professional to determine whether you can return to full duty work or whether you should limit your activities.

File the Claim. In Arizona, You have one year to file a workers’ compensation claim after sustaining your injury. You can file a claim by filling out one of two forms: the Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury or the Worker’s Report of Injury. Both are available online and, in many cases, available from your employer or an occupational health facitility.

Although the process for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is simple in theory, numerous complications may arise. For example, employers may not have the insurance coverage required by law or the insurance company may scrutinize your claim closely and decide to deny benefits.

Having representation by an experienced workers’ compensation attorney certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a specialist can help ensure this process goes smoothly. At Arizona Injury Law Group, each of our attorneys fight for their client’s rights and work vigorously for appropriate awarded compensation.

If you need help in the claim filing process or are interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyers, please call 602-346-9009.

Accident Personal Injury Attorney in Phoenix (why just Phoenix?)

If you have been injured in an accident at work, you may be entitled to compensation to help recover lost earnings, pay for medical bills, and provide for any lasting disabilities. Common workplace accidents include car accidents, machinery malfunctions, power tool accidents, or falling.

Although Phoenix and Arizona employers are required to maintain workers’ compensation to provide for such injuries, personal injury claims may replace or occasionally supplement the workers’ compensation. Personal injury claims can also be filed in addition to a claim for workers’ compensation benefits when a third-party (someone other than your employer or co-worker) is responsible, such as, the cause of your injury is from a car accident caused by another driver who is not employed by your company.

Navigating the personal injury and workers’ compensation filing process can be challenging. You may not always be able to claim both, so it is always recommended to discuss your options with an accident injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Phoenix

If you are injured in a work-place accident in Arizona, you are entitled to workers’ compensation no matter the cause. Worker’s compensation benefits may include payment for lost wages while recovering, medical expenses incurred, and on-going compensation for job displacement.

Although Arizona is a no-fault state, the process of filing a claim through to completion can be challenging. To ensure that you receive the full benefits you deserve, it is important to work with experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Phoenix. We fight to protect your rights.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are duly compensated:

  • Notify your employer of any injury as soon as possible.
  • The ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona) handles all

workers’ compensation claims. You will need to file a claim to them within one year to remain eligible for the full compensation benefits

Get the medical treatment you need.

Construction Accident Workers’ Comp Attorney Phoenix, Arizona

Construction remains one of the most dangerous jobs in Phoenix, AZ, as well as the United States. There is a bevy of risks involved: operating heavy equipment and machinery, working from heights, and unsafe working conditions.

Even though Arizona is a no-fault state, filing a workers’ compensation claim for a construction accident can still be challenging. Insurance companies may challenge certain claims and the presence of multiple third-party contractors all at the same job site complicates things further.

That’s why if you are injured in a construction accident in Phoenix or any other Arizona city, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you navigate the process while aggressively asserting your rights.

If you are looking for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to assist in your construction accident workers’ compensation claim, Arizona Injury Law Group is ready to hear from you and act promptly on your behalf. Call us today at 602-346-9009.

Immigrant Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Phoenix

Your immigration status will not detrimentally affect your right to recover workers’ compensation in Arizona. This is crucial to understand since many immigrants hesitate or refuse to file a claim entirely out of fear that doing so may affect their benefits or their job. As a no-fault state, Arizona guarantees benefits to anyone injured in a workplace accident regardless of immigration status.

Nonetheless, the process of obtaining the full compensation benefits can still be challenging. Immigrants, especially those who have been in the United States for only a few months or years, may not be entirely aware of their rights or the processes in place to protect them.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group can help protect your rights. We help immigrants navigate the legal system to ensure that they receive all the benefits they deserve.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your Arizona immigration workers’ compensation claim, call us today at 602-346-9009. Habla Espanol, no retainer required in most cases.

How We Can Help You

The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group are readily available to help answer your legal questions. If you have been injured, schedule a free consultation with us below to learn how we can help.

Contact arizona injury law group today!

The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys at Arizona Injury Law Group are readily available to help answer your legal questions. If you have been injured, schedule a free consultation with us below to learn how we can help.

We are available to:

Help navigate the entire legal process for both personal injuries and work-place accidents.
Intervene if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied.
Work with employers whose insurance company denies you the medical treatment you need.
Get you the compensation you deserve while you remain out of work.

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