Phoenix Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyer
Phoenix Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Catastrophic Work Injury Attorney

Many people suffer injuries while working, some of which cause serious medical complications that require long recovery times. A catastrophic work injury is any injury that causes significant long-term or permanent complications for the victim. If you or a family member recently experienced such an injury, a Phoenix catastrophic work injury lawyer can help determine your most viable recovery options.

Legal Counsel for Catastrophic Work Injury Claims in Phoenix, AZ

The Arizona Injury Law Group regularly handles all types of workers’ compensation cases in Phoenix, including those pertaining to life-changing injuries. We take time to learn a client’s unique story, help them understand their legal options, and assist them in recovering as fully and as swiftly as possible. The workers’ compensation claim filing process can seem daunting, but with our help, our client can approach the situation with confidence.

Arizona law requires almost every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance, and almost every worker is covered by this insurance if they sustain an injury on the job. As long as an injury occurred while they were performing their job duties, they have the right to file a claim. Success with a claim is more likely with the help of an experienced Phoenix catastrophic work injury lawyer.

Filing Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Phoenix, AZ

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is similar to filing any other type of insurance claim, with a few notable exceptions. First, your employer will be involved in the process, and while most employers facilitate their injured workers’ claims in good faith, some do not, and some even attempt to interfere with the claims out of fear of rising premium rates and increased operating costs. Second, it is possible for an insurer to push back against a claim in several ways.

Part of the claim filing process in Phoenix, AZ, will be a medical evaluation. You will need to see a workers’ compensation doctor for a medical evaluation, and this doctor will assess your condition and assign you a disability rating that reflects the extent and severity of the harm you experienced. This rating will be used to determine how much you can receive in disability benefits, and if you disagree with the first assessment, your attorney can help arrange for a second opinion.

Once you complete the evaluation and submit your claim to the insurer, they will review it and then issue a determination of benefits if your claim is approved. Generally, an injured worker can expect their employer’s insurance carrier to pay for all their medical treatment and provide disability benefits for the time they are unable to work due to their injury. These benefits fluctuate based on the claimant’s disability rating and whether they will be able to return to work.

Your Phoenix catastrophic work injury lawyer can be instrumental in helping you navigate the claim filing process successfully and resolving any issues you encounter with your employer and/or their insurance carrier. They can review your determination of benefits to ensure it is fair and reasonable, and if you have grounds for additional legal action, they can help you explore these options as well.

The Arizona Injury Law Group aims to help every one of our clients recover the maximum amount of benefits possible for their claims, and we can also help if you must file a personal injury claim to fully recover your damages.


Q: What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

A: A catastrophic injury is any injury that results in severe long-term or permanent harm, such as disability, disfigurement, or both. While most permanent injuries qualify as catastrophic, an injury does not necessarily need to cause permanent adverse effects for it to count as a catastrophic injury. Severe burns, spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are some of the most commonly reported catastrophic work injuries in Phoenix.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Receive for a Catastrophic Work Injury?

A: The compensation you can receive for a catastrophic work injury depends on the nature and severity of the injury and whether you retain any ability to work and earn income after reaching maximum medical improvement. A successful workers’ compensation claim will yield full coverage of your medical expenses along with disability benefits paid each week until you are able to return to work, but they may continue permanently for severe injury cases.

Q: Can I File a Personal Injury Claim for a Catastrophic Work Injury?

A: You can file a personal injury claim for a catastrophic work injury only under certain conditions. Workers’ compensation insurance generally protects an employer from civil liability for an injured worker’s damages. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your employer does not have insurance or if they compelled you to perform a task outside your usual job duties that had virtual certainty of resulting in injury, these factors could form grounds for a civil claim.

Q: What Is a Third-Party Personal Injury Claim?

A: A third-party personal injury claim is a civil suit filed against a party outside of your work who is directly at fault for your injury. You can claim benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, but any remaining damages that insurance won’t cover can be sought through this third-party claim. For example, workers’ compensation insurance does not pay for pain and suffering, but you could seek pain and suffering compensation with a third-party suit.

Q: What Are Attorneys’ Fees for a Phoenix Catastrophic Work Injury Lawyer?

A: Attorneys’ fees for a Phoenix catastrophic work injury lawyer depend on the attorney’s billing policy. The Arizona Injury Law Group works on contingency for workers’ compensation cases, meaning our fee is contingent upon our ability to secure a case award for our client. We will take a percentage of whatever compensation we secure for you as our fee, but only if we win your case.

The Arizona Injury Law Group wants to help you recover fully from your recent catastrophic injury at work, and this means navigating the workers’ compensation claim filing process effectively. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with a Phoenix catastrophic work injury lawyer to learn more about the legal services we provide and how we can help maximize your benefits.


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