Yuma Workers Compensation Attorney

Yuma Workers Compensation Attorney


The workers’ compensation laws of Arizona exist to provide a valuable economic lifeline to those who are injured while working while providing their employers with legal protection from civil liability for their employees’ workplace injuries. If you or a family member suffered an injury while working in Yuma, you are very likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Almost every employer in the state is legally obligated to have this insurance, and it’s important to know how it works and how you can claim benefits if you become injured while working in Yuma, AZ.

Yuma Workers Compensation Attorney

Helping Injured Workers in Yuma, AZ, Secure Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While workers’ compensation insurance functions very similarly to most other types of insurance, and the claim process may seem simple enough at first, the reality is that any work injury claim can be more complex than the injured victim is ready to handle on their own. Working with an experienced Yuma workers’ compensation attorney offers the greatest chance of success with your impending claim, and your attorney could also reveal additional avenues of recovery you may not have considered on your own.

The attorneys at the Arizona Injury Law Group are ready to provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need in the aftermath of a workplace injury in Yuma. Our firm has years of experience guiding clients through the claim filing process, resolving disputes with employers and insurance companies, and pursuing additional compensation through personal injury actions. Whatever your case may entail, an experienced Yuma workers’ compensation attorney is an invaluable asset as you pursue compensation for the injury you suffered at work.

Filing Your Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Yuma

State law requires most employers to buy workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance comes into play whenever an employee sustains an injury while working, preventing the employer from facing liability for the associated damages while providing the injured worker with the financial support they need to recover. If your injury happened while you were performing your job duties, you are eligible to file a claim. A few of the most commonly cited types of workplace injuries in the Yuma area are:

  • Falls, which may result in broken bones, brain injuries, and more.
  • Heavy equipment injuries, some of which may entail extremely traumatic physical injuries that cause permanent disabilities.
  • Vehicle accidents. Some people are required to drive for work, while others need to use specialized work vehicles, many of which are capable of causing a host of injuries when accidents occur.
  • Repetitive stress injuries, which typically develop over time due to daily repetitive tasks in the workplace.
  • Acquired illnesses, which may develop from repeated exposure to hazardous substances and/or environments while working.

If your injury happened while you were working, you are likely covered by your employer’s insurance. You should report the injury to your supervisor as soon as possible and seek medical care immediately. As part of the claim filing process, you may be asked to visit a workers’ compensation physician for a medical review, during which they will assign you a disability rating that reflects the severity of your condition.

Once you complete these initial steps, you will be ready to file your claim. State law requires an insurance carrier to either reject or approve a claim within 21 days of its filing. If your claim is approved, you will receive a benefits determination explaining the compensation you will receive from the insurance company.

Benefits Available Through Workers’ Compensation in Yuma

The average workers’ compensation claim will provide two types of benefits to an injured worker: medical expense coverage and disability benefits. Medical expense coverage is relatively straightforward; the insurance carrier pays for any medical care the claimant needs to fully recover from the injury, including the cost of long-term rehabilitative care. Disability benefits are more variable, awarded according to the severity of the claimant’s injury and the disability rating assigned by their workers’ compensation doctor.

Partial disability benefits may be paid if the claimant can handle light duty after their injury but they are unable to earn their usual amount of income. These benefits can continue to offset their diminished earning power until they are able to resume their previous job duties and return to their previous earning level. Total disability benefits may be paid if a claimant is unable to work at all because of their injury. The average claimant can expect about two-thirds of their average wage paid monthly from the insurance company until they are medically fit to return to work.

Filing a Third-Party Claim for a Work Injury in Yuma

Workers’ compensation insurance typically protects employers from civil lawsuits filed by injured workers, but it is possible for an injured worker to be able to file a civil suit against a third party who caused their injury. This personal injury claim may yield compensation for the damages that workers’ compensation insurance can’t cover. For example, if you have grounds for a third-party personal injury claim, you could recover compensation for the lost income that workers’ compensation insurance won’t cover, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering. This could significantly improve your overall recovery from your work injury.

Ultimately, every work injury case is unique, and a Yuma workers’ compensation attorney is a valuable asset for anyone facing the aftermath of an unexpected injury at work. If you or a family member recently sustained any type of work-related injury in Yuma, the Arizona Injury Law Group has the skills and resources necessary to guide you to a positive conclusion in your recovery efforts.

FAQs About Yuma, AZ Workers Compensation Laws

How Long Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Some states’ workers’ compensation laws limit the number of payments an injured worker can receive while on workers’ compensation, but there are no such limits in the state. It’s possible for a claimant to continue receiving benefits until they are medically able to return to work. The status of a workers’ compensation claim may change if a doctor determines a worker is fit to return to work, fit to handle light duty, or if they require more recovery time.

How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Most claimants who succeed with their workers’ compensation claims in Yuma will receive two types of compensation. First, their employer’s insurance carrier will pay for any medical care they need to fully recover from their injury, including the cost of any long-term rehabilitative care they need to reach maximum medical improvement from their injury. Second, they receive monthly disability benefits equal to about two-thirds of their average income until they can go back to work or assume light duty.

Can I Still Claim Workers’ Compensation Benefits if I Caused My Own Work Injury?

If you caused your injury through simple negligence or a mistake made in good faith, yes, it is possible to cause your own injury and still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Yuma. However, if you were working while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if you intentionally violated workplace safety regulations, these variables could disqualify you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. A Yuma workers’ compensation attorney can review the details of how your injury occurred to ensure your eligibility for benefits.

Can I Start a for My Workplace Injury in Yuma?

You cannot file a personal injury claim against your employer for a work injury unless they do not have workers’ compensation insurance as required by law. If a third party outside of your work injured you, you would have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits because your injury happened while working, but you could also file a third-party injury claim to seek compensation for the damages that workers’ compensation insurance won’t cover. Your Yuma workers’ compensation attorney is a vital resource for determining the breadth of your recovery options following any workplace injury.

Do I Need to Hire a Yuma Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

You are not obligated to hire legal counsel for a workers’ compensation claim, but having legal counsel you can trust will make every step of the claim-filing process easier for you to manage. Your attorney can help you address any disputes that might arise between you, your employer, or their insurance carrier, and they may also identify additional avenues of compensation you may have overlooked on your own. You are more likely to succeed with your workers’ compensation claim and maximize your benefits when you have reliable legal representation advising you.

The attorneys at the Arizona Injury Law Group have extensive professional experience handling the toughest work injury claims for our clients in Yuma and surrounding areas. We know that you probably have lots of pressing legal questions in the aftermath of an unexpected work injury, and we are ready to provide the guidance and support you need to approach your recovery efforts with peace of mind. Contact us today and schedule your free case review with the Arizona Injury Law Group to learn more about the legal services we provide in Yuma.


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