Phoenix Ladder and Scaffolding Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Ladder and Scaffolding Injury Lawyer


Many people working in the Phoenix area must use ladders and scaffolding to complete their job duties each day. While most of these employees are able to complete their work safely, others are not so fortunate. Ladders and scaffolding injuries are some of the most common workplace injuries reported in Arizona, especially within the construction industry. When these injuries happen, victims often suffer life-changing harm that can make it very difficult for them to continue working. Some are left permanently disabled by their ladder and scaffold-related injuries.

Phoenix Ladder and Scaffolding Injury Lawyer

Helping Victims of Ladder and Scaffolding Injuries Recover Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Phoenix, AZ

If you or a family member recently suffered any ladder or scaffolding work injury, the Arizona Injury Law Group, PLLC, can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to recover as fully as possible. The right Phoenix work injury attorney is an invaluable asset in this situation and can help identify your most viable options for recovery, including filing a workers’ compensation claim. Our team has assisted many injured workers across all industries in Phoenix, and we can put this experience to work in your case.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Ladder or Scaffold Injury in Phoenix

The first step in recovering from any work injury is typically to file a workers’ compensation claim. State law requires almost every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance, and if an employer does not have proper coverage, they face direct liability for injured workers’ damages. If you suffer a ladder or scaffolding work injury, you should report it to the appropriate person at work immediately and seek medical treatment. Your employer will provide you with everything you will need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Arizona is a no-fault state for workers’ compensation, so as long as you suffered your injury while you were performing your job duties, you are likely covered for benefits. Most injured workers in Phoenix will receive full medical expense coverage, meaning the insurer will pay for all medical treatments the claimant needs to fully recover. Additionally, temporary disability benefits can be awarded if the victim cannot work and earn income while they recover. These benefits can be awarded on a partial basis if the claimant can still work but cannot earn as much income due to their injury, or they may qualify for total disability benefits when they cannot work at all while they recover.

Ladder and scaffold injuries can be incredibly damaging, often resulting in broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and more. When these incidents occur, victims are often left with both short and long-term damages they may not know how to recover on their own. If you need legal assistance with your ladder or scaffolding injury claim, a Phoenix work injury attorney is the ideal resource to consult. The Arizona Injury Law Group, PLLC, is ready to provide the assistance you need with every stage of your recovery efforts.


Q: What Is the Most Common Major Injury on a Construction Site?

A: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that falls are the most commonly reported workplace accident in the United States. In the construction industry, falls account for most missed days of work and serious accident claims. Ladders and scaffolds inherently present a falling risk, even when these devices are used and maintained properly. The height and location of a fall typically determine the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Q: What Is the Employer’s Responsibility When a Worker Is Injured?

A: Employers are legally required to facilitate their injured workers’ injury claims. Once an employee reports a fall or other injury, the employer must create an incident report of the accident and provide the employee with the forms they need to file their workers’ compensation claim. The employer also has 10 days to notify their insurance carrier of the injury. The employer has 21 days from the date the injured worker files a claim to dispute it with the insurance carrier; otherwise, it will be automatically approved.

Q: Do You Need to Prove Fault for a Ladder or Scaffolding Injury in Phoenix?

A: The state enforces a no-fault system for workers’ compensation claims, meaning an injured worker qualifies for benefits even if they caused their own injury. It is not necessary to prove fault to qualify for workers’ compensation for a ladder or scaffolding injury, but if the employee caused their own injury due to working under the influence of drugs or alcohol or horseplay at work, their employer might dispute the claim.

Q: What Happens if an Employer Has No Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

A: State law requires all employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. If they do not, and their employee who should be covered by this insurance suffers an injury, the injured employee would have the right to file a civil claim for damages against the employer. While workers’ compensation serves to protect injured workers and provide them with financial assistance after injuries at work, this insurance also insulates employers from facing civil liability for their injured workers’ damages.

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Have a Ladder & Scaffolding Accident Lawyer?

A: The attorneys at the Arizona Injury Law Group, PLLC, accept work injury clients on contingency. With this billing policy, we only take fees if and when we win compensation for a client. There is no fee if we are unable to win compensation on your behalf, and if we do win, you only part with a portion of the final settlement you receive as our firm’s fee.

Any ladder or scaffolding injury has the potential to cause devastating traumatic harm to the victim, and these injuries, in turn, lead to expensive medical care and further economic strain from the inability to work. The workers’ compensation laws exist to provide workers in this situation with the financial relief they need to recover, but navigating the claim filing process can be very challenging without legal counsel you can trust. The Arizona Injury Law Group, PLLC, is ready to provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to approach your work injury claim with confidence and peace of mind. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with a Phoenix work injury attorney to learn more about how we can help you recover.


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