Avondale Workers Compensation Lawyer

Avondale Workers Compensation Lawyer
Avondale Workers Compensation Lawyer

Avondale Workers Compensation Attorney

Workplace accidents in Avondale can cause serious injury and have long-lasting consequences. If you have been in a workplace accident and were subject to a workplace injury, then you are likely entitled to certain compensation benefits. An Avondale workers’ compensation lawyer from Arizona Injury Law Group can help injured workers like you take steps toward getting the workers’ compensation and other compensation benefits that you deserve.

There are certain protections for workers in Avondale, Arizona, including medical care and compensation benefits for injured workers. However, the process for optimizing and obtaining such benefits can be complex due to various factors. The Avondale workers’ compensation legal team at Arizona Injury Law Group has years of experience helping workers get support and justice after their work-related injury incident.

Avondale Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In Avondale and the state of Arizona, employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees in the case of a workplace-related injury. Only workers are entitled to such a benefit and after receiving such compensation, they will likely not be able to press charges against their employer or sue them.

The official governing body of workers’ compensation claims in Arizona is the Industrial Commission of Arizona, or ICA, which has a certain specialty division that can offer employee benefits to injured workers if their employer doesn’t have insurance.

What to Do After an Avondale, AZ, Workplace Injury

Some workplace injuries can happen immediately after an accident or over time. For example, if a worker falls from a height at a construction site, they will likely be immediately injured, suffering traumatic injuries from the resulting impact. However, if a worker, such as a shipyard worker, is exposed over time to asbestos, then it may take them years to develop a resulting respiratory disease.

Therefore, depending on the situation, it is important to report the workplace injury or disease either as soon as you are injured or once you receive an official diagnosis.

The first party you should report a workplace accident injury in Avondale to is your employer. You have up to one year to file a claim from the day when you either are injured or become aware of the injury. After you notify your employer of your accident and injury, including all the relevant details, they will file a claim with their insurance company.

It’s critical to collect relevant evidence after an accident to support your claim later. This can include video and photo evidence of the scene of the accident, testimonies from eyewitnesses, and reports of the incident from the authorities, such as the police or ambulance personnel. Additionally, any medical records, such as photos of injuries and diagnoses, can support your claim.

Why Would I Need an Avondale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

An Avondale workers’ comp lawyer can generally walk you through the claims process, clear up any doubts that you may have, and ensure that you submit all critical documents and meet pertinent deadlines.

Often, after an employer submits the workers’ compensation claim for your case, the insurance company may try to come back with a settlement that is insufficient to cover all the costs that are associated with your injury. A workers’ comp lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, helping you work toward getting a fair settlement that comprehensively covers all your injury-related expenses, including hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

There is also the possibility that your employer’s insurance company could completely deny your workers’ compensation claim and right to benefits. In such cases, an Avondale workers’ comp lawyer can help you strategize to protest such a notice. They can work to advocate on your behalf to get you the financial compensation that you need.

While the Industrial Commission of Arizona has a standard formula for calculating potential benefit amounts, this should not be relied on when determining the amount of financial compensation that you are entitled to. It’s critical to have a lawyer determine your temporary or permanent disability options.

Understanding Your Rights During Medical Treatment

If your employer’s insurance company decides to accept your claim, and you have determined a fair settlement amount, then you may still be subject to certain medical examinations. The insurance company paying your benefits may schedule certain appointments with a chosen doctor or clinic to perform examinations.

The outcome of such ordered examinations can determine whether injured workers are entitled to continue receiving benefits. If you are being denied further workers’ compensation benefits based on such a recent examination, then it is critical to get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer who can represent your case.

What Are My Employer’s Responsibilities Under Arizona Law?

According to laws in Arizona that were created to protect workers, employers have certain responsibilities and regulations that they must obey to ensure the safety and well-being of those who work for them. If it is determined that the employer neglected these responsibilities or violated the law, then they can face civil penalties, such as fines. Additionally, they may have their company or business completely closed.

An employer in Arizona must provide their workers with workers’ compensation insurance, and they must give their employees the ability to reject such an insurance plan. After a workplace injury occurs, they have the responsibility to report it in a timely manner and submit all pertinent documents associated with the reporting. If there are any ongoing investigations or inquiries associated with a workers’ compensation claims case, then the employer is required to comply with such procedures.

Even if there is no workers’ compensation claim filed, an employer can face a civil claim if they fail to have proper insurance that covers their employees in the case of injury. They might also be required to pay lost wages expenses, certain penalties, and medical bills as a result of their employee’s injuries to the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

How to Reopen an Avondale Workers’ Comp Case

If your workers’ compensation case has been closed in Avondale, then there is a possibility to reopen it. For example, if you have a condition or work injury that is new or was previously undiscovered, then this can be grounds for reopening your case.

Because each case is unique, it is important to work with an Avondale workers’ compensation attorney to understand:

  • What your rights are while reopening your case
  • The deadlines you need to meet
  • Certain strategies that you can use to optimize your benefits

Additionally, if any of the circumstances related to your case change, such as work restrictions or disability status, then it’s important to work with a lawyer to understand what your next steps should be.

FAQs About Avondale, AZ Workers Compensation Laws

Am I Required to Have a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Arizona?

It is not required by law that you have an attorney for your workers’ compensation case in Arizona. However, when filing your claim, you will likely be working with cases that involve attorneys on the other side of your case, such as those representing your employer and your employer’s insurance company.

Therefore, it is recommended to work with a workers’ compensation lawyer so that you can adequately defend your interests and rights. They can also help you adequately follow critical legal procedures to optimize your case outcomes.

How Much Workers’ Compensation Can I Get in Arizona?

In Arizona, the amount of compensation that you will receive for your workers’ compensation case depends on various factors, including the severity of your injuries, whether you are temporarily or permanently disabled, and how long you are out of work. The average monthly maximum workers’ compensation payment that a person in Arizona can receive in 2023 is around $5,390.

How Much Will I Get Paid for Arizona Permanent Disability?

The amount of disability that a person can receive in Arizona after a workplace injury depends on how severe the resulting disability is. If the injured individual has a partial disability, then they are entitled to up to 55% of their average wage per month. If the injured individual has a permanent disability, then they are entitled to up to 66% of their average wage per month.

How Long Must I Wait to Receive AZ Workers’ Comp?

Depending on the type of injury or disability that you have, you can receive workers’ compensation payments in Arizona after every 14 or 30 days. If the total time lost working is less than 13 consecutive days, then there are no wage loss benefits that can be paid out for the first seven lost days. If you are unsure about your payment periods, then a workers’ comp attorney can support you.

Get the Avondale Workers’ Comp Benefits You Are Entitled To

Workplace accidents can be traumatic and have lasting impacts on workers, both mentally and physically. Workers’ compensation is a form of protection that can help support injured workers through the difficult periods after a workplace accident. The lawyers at Arizona Injury Law Group are here to help you get the financial support that you need and deserve. Contact our firm today so that we can start defending your rights and championing your case.


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