Phoenix Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Phoenix Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Lawyer
Phoenix Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Phoenix Hospitality Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Due to the broad nature of the hospitality industry, accidents can occur in a myriad of different circumstances and situations. Whether you work at a hotel and slipped on a wet floor or you’re employed at a theme park where a machine malfunctioned and injured you, you should consult a Phoenix hospitality workers’ compensation lawyer immediately. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help hospitality workers understand their rights after being hurt.

Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC: Attorneys Dedicated to Phoenix Hospitality Workers

At Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC, we know that suffering any form of workplace injury can leave you feeling stressed. Our team of skilled workers’ compensation attorneys is dedicated to serving Phoenix employees and is prepared to leverage their experience to help you receive maximum benefits. We’re well aware that the hospitality industry includes a wide range of occupations and are ready to build a strong claim that represents your unique situation.

What Exactly Is the Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality industry includes a myriad of careers that revolve around event planning, lodging, food and drink, travel, and other leisure activities. Common hospitality businesses include hotels, restaurants, theme parks, bars, and travel agencies. If your job falls within any of these categories, you are considered a hospitality worker in Phoenix. This means that you have the right to receive workers’ compensation insurance if you’re injured on the job.

Common Hospitality Injuries in Phoenix

Working in the hospitality industry puts you in a variety of stressful, disorganized, and chaotic situations. Luckily, many of the injuries that occur from these situations are covered under Arizona’s workers’ compensation laws. Some of the most common injuries sustained by Phoenix hospitality workers include:

  • Muscular and Overexertion Injuries: There is a lot of heavy lifting involved in the hospitality industry. Repetitive heavy lifting can cause muscle strains, persistent back or neck pain, or even broken bones in more extreme situations. Be aware of your body’s reactions to heavy lifting and take the proper precautions when necessary.
  • Burns: Kitchen workers should take great caution not to burn themselves on ovens and stovetops, while wait staff should be mindful of scalding hot plates and cups while serving customers. Burns can result in severe tissue damage and should always be treated immediately.
  • Lacerations: Knives and appliances are abundant in the kitchen as well. This makes it essential that you act with caution to avoid deep cuts and serious accidents. If you are cut at work, wash out the wound, bandage it up if you can, and make sure the area around your injury has been sanitized as quickly as possible.
  • Skin Reactions: Cleaning products can be hazardous to one’s health if used improperly. Hotel workers and restaurant workers come into contact with many different kinds of cleaning products, such as bleach and detergent, every day. The chemicals in these products can trigger reactions in the skin that could lead to infection or other complications. Be sure to wear gloves when handling these materials.

Preventing Workplace Injuries in the Hospitality Industry

Aside from a general awareness of your environment, there are important safety steps you can take to try and prevent workplace injuries from ever happening:

  • Better Equipment: It is always a good idea to invest in new equipment rather than rely on old or broken machines. Equipment should be reliable, clean, and user-friendly.
  • Teamwork: Working together for a common goal should be the gold standard of every workplace. If someone is struggling to lift a heavy box, give them a hand. Hospitality workers are all on the same side. Helping each other reduces the chance of overexertion and muscular strains.
  • Proper Training: Taking preventative measures can only help you in the future. Employers should provide training on how to use equipment and how to perform job duties properly. Workers should also take adequate breaks throughout the day to reduce fatigue and improve their focus.


Q: Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney to File a Claim in Arizona?

A: While legally you can file a claim without a lawyer, we implore you to seek assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney who can help you build the strongest claim possible. Because many insurance companies may be hesitant to give out large amounts of financial aid, working with a lawyer helps you to negotiate for the strongest possible outcome. A skilled attorney can also help you fill out and file your claim while representing you in any hearings.

Q: How Do I File a Workers’ Comp Claim in Arizona?

A: To file a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you should seek medical attention so that a doctor can document your injury. You should then notify your employer so that they can begin the workers’ compensation process. Once your employer has notified their insurance company, you can talk to an attorney who can help you file your workers’ compensation claim.

Q: How Long Does an Employee Have to Report an Injury to Their Employer in Arizona?

A: In Arizona, you are technically required to alert your employer about an injury as soon as it happens. However, in many cases of severe injuries, an employee may be rushed to the hospital before they can notify their employer. If this happens, you can focus on getting the treatment you need and can notify your employer as soon as you’re able. It’s important that you let your employer know about your injury quickly so that they can start the workers’ comp process.

Q: Can I See My Own Doctor for Workers’ Comp in Arizona?

A: Any worker who is injured on the job in Arizona is entitled to visit a doctor of their choice. This is a smart avenue to take, as opposed to seeing a doctor who is chosen by your employer. Once you have chosen a doctor to treat you for your injury, that doctor becomes your treating physician whilst seeking the claim. The employer’s doctor may not have your best interests at heart. Since they are chosen by the employer, they may have an agenda.

Legal Aid for Injured Hospitality Workers in Phoenix

Our team at Arizona Injury Law Group PLLC understands how complicated workplace injuries can become. That’s why we work to represent the rights of Phoenix hospitality workers throughout complex workers’ compensation claims. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and request compensation.


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