Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits: What You Should Know

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No one ever wants to think about death and the devastation that occurs for the family and friends connected to that worker. Yet, it can happen under even the safest conditions.

Construction and heavy machine workers know that following safety regulations are paramount to staying safe on the job. Even so, an accident can still occur that may not be anyone worker’s fault but still occurred at the workplace, or on the job.

When the Worst Happens

In 2016, there were 77 fatal occupational injuries, with the majority (43 percent) occurring in transportation incidents in Arizona. If your spouse works in heavy construction or any other dangerous job, find out who is the insurer of the employer before the worst happens. If you know a few of your spouse’s friends from work, they can also help with getting information to you.

Verifying Employer’s Insurance

If your spouse dies from a job-related accident, contact a workers’ compensation attorney at once to get help. They can do the heavy lifting in finding out all the legal details related to the accident, while you are in mourning and cannot think about what to do next. The attorneys can also verify who is the insurance company for the employer and begin setting up the death benefits claim.

One place for you to check for Arizona employer insurance verification is here. Those companies authorized by the state to self-insure can be found here.

Visiting Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If your spouse dies while on the job, you can have the first conversation on the phone with your workers’ compensation attorney. However, if there appear to be issues about the fatal accident, find out from your spouse’s work friends if they have information or saw the accident.

If so, you might want to ask if any will come with you to talk with your attorney.  It is very important to find out if the employer was negligent in any way that might have caused the accident.

What Do Arizona WC Death Benefits Cover?

Benefits, also known as dependency benefits, are for the following eligible family members:

  • You, as the spouse,
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Your child currently enrolled full-time at a college or university, less than 22 years of age,
  • Children (any age) unable to support themselves.

There are also funeral benefits available up to $5,000.

Monthly Payments of Deceased Worker’s Salary to Survivors

The spouse receives 66 2/3rds percent of the deceased worker’s salary but cannot be over the largest amount set by the state which is decided at the beginning of each year. For 2018, if the worker’s salary was $10,000.00 per month, the most the spouse can receive is $4,625.92.

If there is a spouse and one child, the spouse receives 35 percent and the child receives the rest. If there is a child but no spouse, the child receives the full 66 2/3rds percent amount. There are more conditions for who gets what and for how long, and you can check for more information here. Call us at once if you need help with your worker’s compensation death benefits claim. 602-346-9195

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