Worker’s Compensation Check Status: Why is it Late?

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If you have been injured on the job, you must file a workers’ compensation (WC) claim as soon as possible. The sooner the claim goes through, the sooner you can find out your Workers’ Compensation Check Status and when scheduled payments will start.

Workers Compensation

First, as you fill out the form, add in all the information requested in the form as accurately as you can. This is a legal document that is sent to your government, so you do want to be as truthful and accurate as possible. Give as many details as possible to the best of your memory of what happened in the accident.

This is important as the status of your claim is dependent on the accuracy of your injuries. You may even be called in for a doctor’s evaluation which is different from visiting your doctor to get initial treatments after the accident.

Once you have submitted your workers’ compensation claim form through the online Arizona government portal or sent your form by postal service, you will likely wait about 14 days before hearing back from anyone. If you send your form by postal mail, use a certified process (using a green form with a certificate found at the post office) or the registered process, so you can follow the trail of your application and ensure your form is accepted at the other end by signature.

Around 14 days from the day you send your claim in, you will receive a notice, either by postal mail, or an email (or both), that lets you know your claim status and gives you a claim number. Use this claim number to open/create your account at the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) Community webpage to track what happens with your claim.

If you do not have a claim number yet, contact the Arizona Workers’ Compensation office here, but wait at least a week after sending in your claim. While the claim may have arrived at the ICA WC office, there might still be a delay in getting it online. If you speak with someone at the office, they may be able to assign a claim number immediately to get things rolling.

What Might Be the Reasons for Its Late Status?

The perfect outcome is that after two weeks, you receive your claim notification, you have a claim number, and your claim has already been approved. But perfect outcomes like this rarely happen so easily. For example, there may not be a payment schedule attached which means you still do not know when you will start getting payments.

You may not hear anything back for more than two weeks. There are multiple amounts of reasons why you might not hear anything, which also means you have no idea when your first check will come through. You may also see a notice on your claim in your account referring to a “Late Status.” Here are a few common reasons for this label.

  • Employer Late Status: the employer did not fill out the form within the ten-day allotted time wherein copies of the employer accident form are sent to the ICA as well as the employer’s insurance carrier, or to a third-party administrator. Everything is now delayed.
  • Claim Still in Debate: The employer and the insurance company have 21 days from the mailed notification from the ICA (Notice of Claim Status) as to whether the claim is to be accepted or denied, as per R.S. § 23-1061(A) and (M). Should neither party respond in that time, the ICA will assess penalties on the employer and/or insurer.
  • Debate on Amount to be Paid: There can be backlogs in getting to claims, determining how much you should be paid, and more.

What Should It Cover?

If you receive a “Late Status” on your claim, you can call your ICA WC office to see if there is a reason connected to the Late Status notification. In most cases, the reasons will be stated, either by letter or on your account, stating exactly why this label is there. One of the reasons given above will be given. If there is another reason, that will be given as well.

If your claim is approved but you still do not know when you will be paid, and no one at the main office has information, it would be a good idea to contact an Arizona workers comp attorney to find out what your next steps should be. Your consultation is free and if it turns out you need an attorney to proceed further, then your attorney already knows your case.

Workers Compensation Claim Approved


If your check is late or the amount is incorrect, based on what you were told the amount would be, call an Arizona work injury lawyer immediately to get help. One reason for using an attorney when dealing with an insurance company and the amount they are sending you is that an attorney can navigate around anything the company is claiming about the case but is incorrect.

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