Who is at Fault if You Catch COVID19, Omicron, or Flurona While at Work, but Your Spouse is the One That Dies After Catching It from You?

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We will likely be living with some form of COVID-19 for quite a while. So, even if you are fully vaccinated and have had booster shots, it is wisest to stay protected as best as you can manage when you go back to work. This is particularly important when it affects your family members who basically stay home because of homeschooling, or a spouse who works from home.

When you have spent a whole day at work and then head home, put your work clothes in the clothes washer, start the wash, and wash up in the sink with soap and hot water. Clean your exposed skin (hands, face, neck, etc.) as best as you can, and use sanitizer on your hands before entering the main part of your house. Change into fresh clothes you have laid aside in the washroom such as your gym suit.

While Omicron is less virulent than COVID-19 (and Delta), there will still be an element of the population with underlying illnesses, making them vulnerable to severe illness and potential death, vaccinated or not. They can be in your family and none of you even know it yet.
A recent case filed in the court system against Southwest Airlines claimed that an employee had to attend a mandatory training class in July 2020. After she returned home, she tested positive for COVID-19. Shortly after that, her husband caught it from her and later died, according to an article by Insurance Journal.

The female employee blamed the airlines for her husband’s death, but the case was finally dismissed by a U.S. district court judge. The court stated that there had to be a balance of the situation against third parties filing suit for such damages. Such a thing could easily get out of hand with multiple court filings. Companies would go out of business from such claims.

While an employer must do its best to keep employees safe, employees must take extra precautions to protect loved ones back home. Wear a mask, wear medical gloves, and wash them often while wearing them. Wipe off surfaces with disinfectant where you are sitting during a class.

While we do not know if masks really work or not, if you are sneezing and coughing, you should wear a mask to protect others from you. Change your mask often. If you have a fever with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher, stay home, order a free COVID test kit, and make sure you are totally well before going back to work. Check with your local pharmacy for free N95 masks. The N95 mask is the most effective at keeping the virus at bay.


  • If you receive a positive COVID test, immediately quarantine yourself in a section of your home.
  • Drink lots of water all day long.
  • Sleep as often as you can.
  • Check your temperature several times a day.
  • Call your doctor and find out what recommendations the doctor has for you.


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