When Will My Arizona Workers’ Compensation Benefits Kick In?

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Injured employees often find themselves unable to work and temporarily without a paycheck, making it imperative that workers’ compensation benefits kick in as soon after an accident as possible. However, different sorts of workers’ compensation claims have different timeframes. Below are the timeframes for some of the most common types of workers’ compensation claims.

Time lost claims

Workers’ compensation insurance provides injured employees with partial lost wages if they are required to miss in excess of seven consecutive calendar days of work. When a time lost claim is filed, it must be verified and approved by a physician. The initial seven days of lost earnings are not paid unless the employee misses a minimum of 14 days of work due to injury.

Medical claims

Compensation for medical treatment typically begins once a claim is accepted by an insurer. Workers who file such claims are usually out of work for no more than seven total days, making them ineligible for temporary disability benefits for lost wages. Once a medical claim has been accepted, the injured employee is no longer liable for his or her medical expenses.

Temporary compensation

Temporary total compensation payments are processed within 21 days of receiving notification from ICA that a workers’ compensation claim has been filed. Temporary compensation is required to be paid every two weeks during the period that an employee is unable to work. There is no limit on how long an injured employee can receive temporary compensation. Rather, it is based on when an injured employee’s treating physician clears the employee to return to work.

Permanent compensation

Employees who have been rendered permanently disabled due to workplace injuries may be entitled to permanent compensation. In order to determine a compensation amount, an injured employee’s doctor rates the injury based on the employee’s percentage of impairment. Permanent compensation payments are received once a month and begin following ICA’s decision of whether the injury is scheduled or unscheduled.

Scheduled injuries

A scheduled injury is an injury that affects a specific part or area of the body, such as an arm, eye, foot, hand, or leg. The timeframe for compensation depends on the part of the body affected. Following a scheduled injury, an employer’s insurance carrier issues a Notice of Permanent Disability form, which details the monthly amount owed the injured employee and the number of months the payments shall continue.

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Workplace injuries can be devastating, both physically and financially. However, they are even more catastrophic when you run into problems regarding your workers’ compensation benefits. Therefore, if you or a loved one is suffering from a workplace injury, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible, as you may be entitled to compensation. For a free consultation, please contact Arizona Injury Law Group, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, at 602-346-9009.

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