What happens to my work comp claim if I quit my job?

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The foremost thing is to not quit your job until you fully understand the impact of such a move on your workers’ compensation claim! Seek legal advice from a local worker’s compensation lawyer right away.

Many injured workers think of quitting their jobs, after a work-related injury, to avoid hostility between themselves, their employer, or maybe even their co-workers because of the injury. Some workers may be physically unable to work or the employer may not have the light duty work recommended by the work injury doctor. Often, injured workers are advised by their doctors to avoid lifting heavy weights, making specific movements, or doing repetitive movements. This can turn a normal workday extremely frustrating.

Do not think that workers’ compensation will pay your lost wages despite quitting your job. Never act until you know the potential consequences.

Quitting your job can make or break your workers’ compensation case. While there is no definite impact, the facts of your specific case will determine whether it is worth quitting your job.

This is why you need professional advice before quitting. You may understand some of the workers’ comp law but certain issues are very complex and are best addressed by an experienced attorney.

Seek legal advice from a worker’s compensation attorney before you decide anything about quitting your job or seeking another job. Consult an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases.

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