How much can I get in my Workers’ Comp Case?

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One of the most common questions asked in workers compensation cases is how much a case is worth. This is a big question for an injured worker who may be facing potentially career ending consequences.

The law provides that the parties to a workers’ compensation case may “settle” the claim by the payment of a lump sum amount.  In that case, the primary concern on the employee’s mind is usually, “How much is my case worth?”

Workers’ compensation cases are valued based on –

  • the employee’s compensation rate
  • the amount of time the employee could remain on workers’ comp weekly benefits

Based on the employee’s pre-injury wages, s/he is entitled to receive a weekly workers’ comp check as long as s/he remains disabled, in some degree, from the previous job. What remains is calculating the remaining exposure to the insurer. This is done by multiplying the employee’s compensation rate by the amount of time he/she has left on weekly benefits.

As far as the pain and suffering, you have endured, is concerned, these factors do not get factored into a settlement.  So the case of a worker with a fractured may be valued less than a case of wrist sprain. It depends on the compensation rates and the amount of time the worker could potentially remain on weekly benefits.

There are other factors which may affect the remaining exposure. To ensure that your work comp case is properly valued, it is important to have an experienced workers comp attorney.

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