Four Easy Veteran Administration (VA) Disability Claims You May Not Know About

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If you have served in the United States military, you are likely eligible for veteran’s benefits. The military branches of the United States Armed Forces are the Army, the Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, and the Marine Corps.

Even some members of the National Guard and Reservists may be eligible. If you were ever called up by the Federal government, then you were on active duty, no matter where you went. If you were injured during that time, you are also eligible for VA disability benefits.

No matter what branch you were with, call an attorney that specializes in VA benefits and eligibility. You may be able to get disability benefits along with other perks offered by the VA.

  1. VA Disability Benefits – Missing Records

When you were in the military, you received active duty-related injuries. Somehow, those records are now missing, and you were never given copies of the paperwork. You can check with your VA lawyer and find out how you can be tested to verify you have military-related injuries.

Even if you were denied VA disability benefits, you can re-apply as many times as you like. The rules can change over time, so it never hurts to keep trying. If you want to go sooner than a year from your last denial, you can make an appeal instead.

  1. VA Disability Benefits Appeal

If you were approved for VA disability benefits but you do not agree with what the terms are, you can appeal within one year of receiving your notice. For example, you receive a rating, but it is very low, while a higher rate would give you more help. If you feel you deserve a 100 percent rating but only got a 90 percent rating, put in an appeal. If you then get the 100 percent rating, you receive $1,000 more a month. For older veterans, this can be a big help in surviving better.

  1. Individual Unemployability (IU) Benefits

You may have appealed a low rating you got for the disability benefits but were not able to get a higher rate. However, you should look at getting IU benefits which you can get at the same time you are getting disability benefits.

Most people know about unemployment benefits that they get when an employer lets them go from a job. However, they cannot get disability benefits while looking for another job.

IU benefits are different because you are not able to work a job and therefore, IU benefits will help supplement your disability benefits.

  1. Veterans Disability Back Pay

You finally got your disability determination, based on injuries you received while serving. You can also get back pay, although the VA may not mention that to you. You may need to hire the VA disability attorney because he or she will help you navigate through the process and figure out your effective date when you should have had your disability payments started.

Call a VA disability lawyer now to find out how to get your benefits. It is your right.

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