Choosing a Doctor When You’re Hurt on the Job

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In the state of Arizona, you have the right to choose a doctor of your choice when you suffer an injury at work, after having been seen by a doctor of your employer’s choice. The only exception is if your employer is a huge corporation that has an approved medical plan with the industrial commission. When you are exercising your discretion, there are some important things to note in order to prevent you making use of the wrong doctor. The kind of doctor you use can either make or mar your claim, so you have to tread carefully here. There are some questions you have to ask to determine if your doctor is right for you.

Is the Doctor Listening to You?

When you want to choose a doctor, you have to make sure that the doctor really listens to you as you describe the injury or illness you are suffering from. Due to the economic situation, a lot of doctors take on more patients than are necessary. As a result, they can’t pay enough attention to every patient proportionally. This often leads to snap judgement and ultimately, poor diagnosis. If you notice that your doctor doesn’t have enough time for you, you need to switch to another doctor.

Is the Doctor taking Adequate Notes?

You have to be sure that the doctor is not only listening, but taking adequate notes to record the history and symptoms of the injury. Some doctors don’t do this adequately and it might result in future complications if important questions are asked about the symptoms or history of the injury. You should ensure that you get the written record of all medical documents generated during your treatment. This covers documents like hospital records, emergency room notes, or office visits. The reason for this is to ensure that an important factor has not been omitted by the doctor.

Does the Doctor have your Best Interest at Heart?

You need to ensure that the doctor handling your case is one that is duly concerned about your interests and not about how much he would make from you or the insurance company. If you have doubts regarding the interests of your doctor, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney to help you find one that does not have a conflict of interest.

Is the Doctor Qualified?

You have to ensure that the doctor handling your case is rightly qualified and respected in his field. This is especially important when it comes to surgeons. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you find one that is specialized in treating your particular condition, so as to ensure the best quality treatment.

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