When Work Becomes a Life-Threatening Event from External Forces

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There are jobs where you are likely to encounter a thug or two coming through the door, demanding that you turn over all the money in your drawer. You can give it all up but that does not guarantee you will stay alive, especially if they are pointing a firearm at you.

The most likely jobs where this could happen are food services, drinking spots, restaurants, and retail stores and gas stations. These places are easy targets for robbers off the streets.

When it comes to drinking spots, turf wars can break out suddenly during a televised sports game, and, depending on the issue, a person might be beaten to death by a member of the opposing fan club. Or even from fan guys from the losing team, like the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, January 16, 2022, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Add a bar, beers and other alcoholic beverages, a “mis-called” game by referees of the opposing team (San Francisco 49ers) and all heck can break loose. When people punch or beat other people for long enough and hard enough, there is a chance that someone could die. Suddenly, going to a game becomes something else entirely.

Workplace Security


It is always good to make friends at work as teaming up to get a job done, makes working much easier. Take your time getting to know new workers but keep parts of your personal life separate until you feel like you know someone well enough that you are happy to have them meet your spouse and children. This is best done at company parties staged at the workplace.

If a worker is having problems that seem to affect their work, talk with them, and encourage them to visit a local church, a psychiatrist, or to talk to the manager about what is going on. The manager should be a friendly type of person, and not a bully or someone who is dismissive of people and their problems. Companies should also have a list of phone helplines for any problem so that workers can get help when they need it.


Hiring a security company to send over a few security personnel on rotating shifts is a good idea these days for most businesses. Retired police officers and military personnel fill many of these security positions and most will have plenty of experience in knowing what to look for in suspicious people and behavior.

Armed security is a better deterrent against those who want to rob and kill others in a store or on a place of business. Again, most security personnel are familiar with the state laws regarding firearms, how they should be safely carried, and how firearms can be used to deter crime.

Fencing and gates are also another deterrent to avoid non-workers from entering the workplace. Workers must show a badge that is scanned each time and if a worker was fired the day before, a notification pops up and the person is not allowed through.


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