When Machine Workplace Accidents Occur in Arizona

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While all Arizona manufacturing and construction companies carry Workers’ Compensation for employees and observe the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) regulations for a safer workplace environment, accidents can still happen.

Crane and Rig Accidents

Construction cranes come in different sizes and shapes and each one, other than mobile cranes, is constructed on site to match the nature of the job. A careful balance of weight and leverage application is needed during the process in putting together a crane, whether it has a fixed base or will be installed on a tall building.

Once constructed, each crane must be continually inspected, maintained, and repaired for weaknesses to ensure safety for the crane operator and those working anywhere on the crane.

Drill Rigs

While construction cranes are built upwards, drill rigs assist in numerous jobs for digging down into various types of ground. Drill rigs are typically mobile, making it easy to move from one place to another after a drill hole of any size is completed. The danger comes when the ground is destabilized for one reason or another, making the drilling process more dangerous.

drill-rig accident occurred at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in May 2018, where the rig overturned into a collapsed hole.  The drill-rig operator was on the rig when it overturned and did not have time to escape. A close-by hole had been dug in the sand, leaving the surrounding area unstable. As the drill rig was being moved, the sandy ground gave way, according to the linked news report above.

Large cranes helped remove the drill rig to search for the lost operator, who was found two days later, deceased. One of the issues concerning the accident was the instability of the ground, consisting mostly of sand. When the cranes were finished with the drill rig removal job, they were deconstructed and moved out of the way for safety reasons, while the search for the worker was ongoing.


When scaffolds are erected, based on OSHA guidelines, guard rails are also installed to help brace workers from falling. Workers on scaffolds also use a personal fall arrest system that stops a worker from falling. The system is comprised of a body harness, anchorage to the platform, and the connectors. The OSHA description for the appropriate gear is found here.

Types of Injuries at Construction Sites

  • Falls from great heights
  • Slips and trips over obstacles
  • Repetitive lifting, pushing and carrying of heavy objects
  • Getting caught up in machinery with moving parts
  • Loose objects falling
  • Electrical shocks, exposure to caustic fluids, burns, and more.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

It is everyone’s business to keep the workplace safe so you or your fellow workers can do the job required, as safely as possible. Everyone wants to go home at the end of the day and be with their families.

If a worker is behaving carelessly, the situation should be reported quickly, and the worker removed, as that worker can compromise not only his or her life but those lives of other workers.

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