What Arizona Workers’ Comp Lawyers Won’t Tell You (But We Will)

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If you are looking to pursue a workers’ comp claim, there are key things that you should be aware of. If you are looking to ensure that you are set up for a fair chance at receiving compensation and benefits but are wondering what Arizona workers’ comp lawyers won’t tell you, look no further. Arizona Injury Law Group shares several ways in which some workers’ comp lawyers may pressure their clients and keep them from receiving maximum compensation.

Top Tips a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Won’t Tell You

It can be challenging to know who to trust when you have suffered an injury and are looking for honest and legitimate care that covers your losses and damages.

  • You Can File a Claim on Your Own: You don’t need legal representation to file a claim. In most situations, it is advantageous to have a trusted attorney by your side, but this may not always be the case in your situation.
  • You Don’t Always Have to Pay an Attorney Upfront: Many attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they will not charge you unless your case is successful, in which their fee will be a percentage of the settlement you receive. You will not have to pay anything out of pocket.
  • You Have Time: Attorneys may pressure you to pursue legal action immediately, as they are looking for a quick paycheck, but you do have time to think about the details of your claim before you act.
  • There Is No Consequence for Getting a Second Opinion: You can always get a second opinion on your case. You will not be penalized if you do this, and it will typically benefit you to hear another attorney’s suggestions about the specific details of your claim.
  • You Can Contest Your Workers’ Comp Claim: You do not have to accept an initial settlement offer; you can contest a workers’ comp claim or award. Unfortunately, some lawyers are looking for cases that are quick and easy. They will, at times, advise their client to accept claims that are not actually fair and full.

If you are worried that your attorney is not handling your claim with detail and care, reach out for help. Arizona Injury Law Group is eager to hear the details of your claim and learn if we can offer you better advice than your previous attorney, which can give you and your claim a more advantageous standing. Do not settle for subpar legal representation; seek the support of a thorough and dedicated attorney.

How a Dedicated Attorney Can Support Your Workers’ Comp Claim

The support of an honest and thorough attorney should not be overlooked. There are several ways that they can aid and strengthen their client’s workers’ comp claims, including the following:

  • Thorough Legal Understanding: An experienced workers’ comp attorney has a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that impact their client’s claim. This can be advantageous, as they can use these laws and regulations to fight for a fair and just case.
  • Conduct an In-Depth Investigation: Attorneys can initiate thorough in-depth investigations, gathering evidence to support the merits of their client’s case. They can then use this information to form a solid legal strategy.
  • Provide Administrative Support: Lawyers can handle many of the logistics of the case, such as deadlines, filling out paperwork, and communications. That way, their clients can focus on healing and recovery.
  • Negotiation and Litigation Representation: Using their experience and legal understanding, a seasoned lawyer can negotiate fair and full settlements for their clients and not settle for unfair offers.
  • Legal Advocacy: Throughout the process, an attorney can be a trusted legal advocate. As their client has questions and concerns, they can ask their attorney for support.


Q: What Is the Exclusive Remedy for Workers’ Comp in Arizona?

A: The exclusive remedy for workers’ compensation in Arizona is a standard aspect of workers’ comp that is outlined in the insurance policy. It states that an employee cannot sue an employer for a work-related injury as long as they are receiving the compensation and benefits from workers’ compensation. This is to protect the employer if they are providing their clients with adequate workers’ comp benefits.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations on Workers’ Comp in Arizona?

A: The statute of limitations on workers’ comp in Arizona is typically one year from the date of the injury. This is the legal deadline that employees have to pursue a workers’ compensation claim with their employer after an injury. If an employee fails to pursue legal action within this timeframe, they forfeit their right to get compensation and benefits related to their injury. If you are injured, contact a workers’ comp lawyer immediately to ensure that you meet this deadline.

Q: How Long Do Most Workers’ Comp Settlements Take in Arizona?

A: The length of time that most workers’ comp settlements in Arizona take is directly related to the specific factors of that individual case. Workers’ compensation claim timelines are based on the case’s complexity, the efficiency of every party involved, the length of the negotiation process, and more. There is no specific timeline, and cases can span from months to years in highly contested cases.

Q: Can I See My Own Doctor for Workers’ Comp in Arizona?

A: You can see your own doctor for workers’ comp in Arizona for the majority of appointments. This is dependent on your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Most policies require that the employee visit an employer-determined doctor for an initial visit but, after this appointment, they can choose to change the doctor that they are visiting for care.

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