What Can You Expect if You Have a Truck Accident in Arizona?

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Over the last 10 years, fatalities in large-truck accidents have reduced by 10 percent across the United States, from 4,822 in 2007, to 4,317 in 2016, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The trucking industry and its commercially-licensed (CDL) drivers have higher regulatory standards that must be met, due to the size of the vehicle and its weight with added cargo.

When accidents occur, trucking companies and their drivers undergo intensive scrutiny and investigation to determine patterns leading to accidents. Should a driver be declared at fault for an accident, he or she is likely to lose the CDL and livelihood along with it.

Arizona Crash Statistics – 2017

While trucking accidents are going down, motor vehicles, overall, continue to inch upwards. In Arizona for 2017, there were 127,064 crashes, with 37,823 injuries, and 919 deaths. Maricopa County in 2017 had the highest numbers at 93,596 crashes, with 26,852 resulting in injuries, and 435 with fatalities (463 deaths).

Phoenix had the highest city rates in the state at 43,986 crashes, with 12,968 injuries and 230 deaths. You can find more 2017 demographic breakouts for Arizona crash statistics here.

Truck drivers must observe rules about how long one can drive a truck until a required rest period must occur. Yet, there are still deadlines that must be met for deliveries to customers, aside from getting caught up in bad weather or unexpected traffic jams.

A truck driver can have an impeccable driving record and yet, still have an accident because of a car suddenly pulling out in front of his or her truck, just so the car can cross over and make the next exit in time. Unfortunately, the truck driver may put on his breaks but still hit the tail end of the car while it is crossing. It is times like this that truck drivers wish for a video dash cam in the truck that records such activities, giving proof that the car was the one to cause the accident.

If You Are Injured in a Truck Accident

As a truck driver for your employer, you are entitled to medical benefits as soon as can be processed, especially if you are in the hospital. If you sustained serious injuries, have someone else do it for you, such as a family member and/or a workers’ compensation attorney.

The next step is gathering up any evidence that you have concerning the accident, such as writing down what you remember of the event. You can also request copies of dash cam video if there was a dash cam installed in your truck which could provide evidence.

Always request that, even if you do not think there was one. Some employers do not let their drivers know there is an installed recording device. If you had a driving partner riding with you at the time of the accident, then his or her deposition about the accident will need to be done too.

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