Ways to pay a Worker Comp Attorney

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Did you know workers’ compensation attorneys receive a fixed percentage of the benefits that a sick or injured worker is awarded?


Yes. In many states, you do not have to pay your workers’ compensation attorney upfront. This means hiring a work comp lawyer for your workers’ compensation case is an investment to ensure you receive the maximum workers’ compensation benefits that you are eligible for. Since the attorney can navigate the law better, workers often receive greater benefits, even after paying the attorney’s fees, than if they choose not to retain an attorney. And the fees are paid from the settlement money, not out of your pocket.

If you have suffered major work-related injuries and your recovery time is long, you are unable to return to work or you are disabled, a workers’ comp attorney would be worth the costs involved.


Most workers’ compensation lawyers offer a FREE initial consultation in which you can discuss your case and whether you need an attorney.


A contingent fee means that your work comp attorney will take a percentage of the amount of the benefits you receive if you win. The exact percentage varies by state. So, you do not have to pay your attorney until you win your case. If you lose the case, your lawyer does not get any fee but may require you pay the filing fees, copy costs, and other costs incurred.

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