Understanding the Types of Work Injury Claims in Arizona

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Workers compensation law in the United States is quite disparate in that while the essence of the law is the same all around the country, the specifics vary widely from state to state. It is important that you understand the categories of injuries that are covered by Arizona law. That way, you will be sure to exercise your right to compensation if you suffer any of them in the course of your employment.

One important factor that must be present in all injury compensation claims, according to the Occupational Safety and

Workplace Accidents

Health Act (OSHA), is that the injury must have occurred at work, or be the result of work-related activities. As soon as you relate the incident to a qualified and experienced attorney and he determines that your injury was work-related, you can be reasonably sure of getting compensation.

Workplace Accidents

There are a wide variety of accidents that fall under this category, though some of them are more common in some industries and lines of work than others. Generally speaking, tripping, falling or getting wounded by machinery are fairly common on-the-job accidents. The resulting injuries may be to the head, neck, back, knee or any other part of the body, with varying degrees of severity.

Sometimes, the injury may not be instantaneous, as in the case of a fall from a ladder, for instance. Repetitive stress or strain injuries could also occur over a relatively long period of time. One common one is carpal tunnel syndrome, but there are many others for which a qualified and experienced workers compensation attorney can help you get compensation.

Illnesses and Other Medical Conditions

Apart from injuries, Arizona’s workers’ compensation laws also cater for situations in which a worker develops a medical condition as a result of unsafe environment or practices to which he is exposed at work.

Job Related Illness

Deafness or partial loss of hearing capabilities, respiratory problems and even psychological damage can all occur in the course of working in different industries, resulting in lasting and sometimes irreversible damage to the worker.


In some cases, the injury that a worker suffers might be so severe as to kill them on the spot, while in other cases, there is an interval.

In either one of these cases, an attorney who is experienced in worker compensation law will be able to get benefits for the family to ensure that they are not left high and dry without any income to live with.

Working with an Arizona Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you suffer any work related injury, it is important that you get in touch with a work injury lawyer in Arizona as soon as you can. With the help of a lawyer, it will be much easier to identify the particular kind of claim that you need to file to have a high chance of your claim being successful.

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