Preventing heat stress can save a life

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As the temperature touches new highs, so does the risk of heat stress and related illnesses and injuries. For example, sweaty palms may cause a construction worker to drop a tool or collapse from a heat stroke while doing some heavy-duty work, on a 100-degree day. Heat stroke kills many employees every year and most of these happen in the construction sector where workers are exposed to the Sun for long periods in hazardous environments.

Learning about signs of heat illness and possible first aid can help you protect yourself and your co-workers this Summer.

The easiest way to prevent a heat stroke is to simply take a break, drink some water and move to the shade, when you feel uncomfortable. Continuing working, when you are already experiencing heat stress, may quickly worsen your condition from heat exhaustion to heat stroke and that can prove fatal.

There are 4 stages of heat-related illness.

  • Heat rash: Skin gets irritated due to sweat that does not evaporate. You may notice red bumps on the neck, upper chest and folds of skin. Dry the affected area and move to the shade. Drink plenty of water.
  • Heat cramps: Common signs include muscle spasms and pain. Move into the shade, drink water and rest for a few hours.
  • Heat exhaustion: This is a serious condition. Symptoms include moist skin cool to the touch, sweating profusely, quick heartbeat, dizziness and vomiting. Apply ice packs to the skin, drink plenty of water, move away from the heat and seek medical help.
  • Heat stroke: This is the most severe stage of heat-related illness. The person may look confused, fall over or have a seizure. This is an emergency, and you should call 911, if you spot these signs in a coworker.

If you are fall sick, you not only suffer physically but also lose wages and may not be able to go to work. So, stay safe this summer.

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