Latest COVID-19 News for Arizona and How This Affects You

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Just when everyone thought that COVID-19 might be ending its long infectious run, it appears that new cases of the coronavirus are back with a vengeance. Currently, Arizona, Texas, and Florida are the latest hotspots in the United States, according to a recent Washington Post article. Nationwide, there are now 2.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 40,587 in just one recent day. Arizona had 3,857 new cases in one day on Sunday, June 28th, 2020.

If you thought you might be going back to work soon, the chances are that you may remain at home instead. If you do go back to the workplace, take every precaution possible to stay safe.

If you are a remote worker for a digital business, then nothing much will change unless your employer goes out of business. This latest round may end businesses who survived the first run of this pandemic.

Community Involvement

On Wednesday, July 1st, 2020, Arizona reported that, currently, there are 84,092 active cases of COVID-19, a slightly larger number than the total population of Flagstaff. Cases began rising again after Memorial Day as people started moving around outside and bypassing social distancing and safety directives. While senior citizens have been considered the most vulnerable group, younger people are beginning to show up with the coronavirus too. Hospital beds are filling up rapidly with about 83 percent now occupied.


Avoid large crowds whenever possible and stay home. If you must go out, wear your mask as well as gloves to avoid contamination. Walking the dog is still fine so long as you stay six feet away from any other people in your area. Or, if you have a back yard, consider letting Rover go out there to take care of business. You can pick up after Rover later using a plastic baggie and deposit the residue in an enclosed plastic bucket outside until trash day. Take time to play ball with Rover, too, so both of you get some exercise and sunshine.

Talk with your employer to see what will happen with coming back to work. If possible, find out if your employer is willing to have you work from home, if your job can make that transition. If not, you will likely remain on unemployment for a while longer. 


Consider buying a freezer that you can keep in your garage (if you have one) or somewhere out of the way in your house. You can begin stashing away food in case there comes a time when you cannot get out to resupply your kitchen. Use a rotation system to pull out older food first for cooking. 

Look into getting a generator to power important electronics, such as your freezer and refrigerator, your computer, and your cell phone, should your electric service go down. You may want to invest in a small portable barbeque grill to keep in the garage so you can cook food if the stove is out.

Build a supply of batteries for flashlights. You can plant your flashlight in a sturdy coffee cup pointed upwards to a white or light-colored ceiling. The bounce-back reflection will help to light the whole room better than just pointing that flashlight in one area off to the side.

If your internet system goes out, check your mobile phone and provider to see if you have a mobile hotspot plan available to you. Do this now so you are ready to go when you need internet access. Power your computer with the hotspot and continue working, if need be. Always have a backup plan for every part of your life.


Do everything you can to be prepared for any situation and then let the stress and anxiety go. Taking care of yourself and your family is the most important job of all. Keeping a positive attitude is also important. Watch funny movies and read uplifting books. 

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