Keeping Yourself Healthy While Working at Home Remotely

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If you have been remotely working at home over the last five months and your home office now says this will be a permanent situation, then it is time to rebuild that office of yours, so it is more comfortable. The last thing you want to have is body pain, especially with your back, if you are using the wrong kind of office chair.

The computer you are using must also be at a comfortable height where your wrists and hands can easily rest on the keypad’s front area. If you have that part right and you are using a laptop, chances are you are looking down at your screen. This will eventually cause you neck problems to keep your neck in that position. Yes, you can lift your chin, but your eyes should be looking straight ahead, not down or up. Let us look at solving these issues.


Look for an office chair with at least four wheels (spokes and wheels) so that your weight is evenly distributed if you need to quickly roll over to the bookshelf or filing cabinet. Your seat should be well-padded for comfort and support.

If you have even the slightest curve in your spine, consider adding a formed seat pillow with the coccyx area cut out. That cut-out means less pressure on your curved spine while you are working long hours at your desk.

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Your chair back should have an attached lumbar pillow that fills and pads the curve in your lower back. You will have less back pain with lumbar support. If the chair you are currently sitting in does not have that lumbar support, buy a small pillow to put in that area until you can buy a better chair.


Try to keep your shoulders resting on the back of your chair. If you bend forward into your keyboard on your laptop, you will eventually develop a slight hunched upper back. Not all office chairs have a headrest, but if you can get one, then do so. If you are looking straight ahead at your screen, your head should rest nicely against your headrest. This allows less strain on your neck muscles in keeping your head in the right place.


If you have a laptop, you can solve the problem of putting that screen in the right place for a direct gaze at the screen. Buy a Bluetooth keyboard and set it on a mobile computer table adjusted to your comfortable seated position.

The laptop and screen can be raised high enough (use those old college textbooks as a stacked platform) for best viewing without worrying about using that keyboard. The Bluetooth keyboard will operate separately in any position you want that is comfortable for your wrists and hands. Make a little platform on the side for your mouse and you are good to go.

Better yet, use a desktop and put the monitor wherever you want to view the screen comfortably. Add the keyboard on the desk in front of the screen or on the mobile computer table.


If you are permanently working remotely from home, find yourself a place in your home that is comfortable, maybe has a window that looks out on a natural scene (backyard, woods, etc.), and set up your office there. You want to be in a positive place that makes you happy which will be reflected in your work, instead of looking at four dreary walls in a closet that could affect your mental outlook.

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