If You are Injured on the Job and Can Never Work that Same Job Again, Can You Work from Home Doing Another Job for the Same Employer?

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When you have an accident on the job and permanent physical injuries stop you from ever performing that same job again, you could work remotely from home for the same employer in another capacity. Much of what is spoken about here, depends greatly on the type of business you worked in, the mindset of your employer, and what other types of work-related skills you have to offer to your employer.

Enduring the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 shows that many people can work from home if they have good computer and software skills, and their employer needs those skills. Many businesses found that remote workers performed very well in their home setting as opposed to enduring constant office interruptions and office gossip. Only those with children and spouses at home had some difficulties with family interferences if strict work rules were not put into place.

In a manufacturing setup, most work is either manual or using machines to do the job. If you get injured, you may not be able to work with heavy equipment, climb stairs, or do other physical work ever again if the injuries are permanent.

Work Related Injuries


After you reach maximum recovery from your physical injuries, assess what other skills you could bring to your employer, such as designing company documents, writing marketing and sales letters for a new product being manufactured, or if you are a coding wizard, help with company software infrastructures that do not appear to be working as well as they should. Your insight as an employee and knowing what current problems need to be fixed could go a long way towards helping your employer in other capacities you had not thought of before.

Therein, the success of such a venture depends on how open-minded your employer is and how well you can control your home environment while working. Your disabilities may also factor in as to whether you can work the hours needed on a computer or if you tire easily and have constant pain that interferes with your concentration.


Illnesses in any form, aside from COVID-19, require you to stay home while recuperating. Depending on how ill you are, you could still work from home, especially if you are already working on a computer at your job. If it is a short-term illness, you would work on your own computer.

However, if the illness is contagious enough, you would stay home for a lot longer. Your employer can choose to provide you a company computer with all the software needed for you to continue working your job. This removes a certain pressure to return to work too soon for fear you may lose your job. If you can produce as much, or more, than you did while at the workplace, your employer may find staying home to work is a win-win situation for both of you.


It is a new world in the workplace where employers find that not all their workforce has to be at the office every single day. This can cut down on expenses and even on workers’ compensation insurance fees when workers can continue to work remotely and still enjoy the benefits of a full-time job. If you have questions at any time about whether working remotely could impact workers’ compensation benefits while recovering, contact a Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney for advice on how to effectively navigate your situation.

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