How to Find a Good Workers Comp Attorney?

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Workers’ compensation law is complex, and the employer, their lawyers and the insurance company are working against you. That is why your workers’ comp attorney can make a huge difference to your case.

Here are some incredible tips to ensure you can find a good workers’ comp attorney.


Specialization matters. Find an attorney or law firm that specializes in workers’ comp law. Since workers’ compensation is complex, you want an attorney who is not only familiar with the finer details of the laws, but also the Board and the local judges.

Experienced workers’ comp lawyers and firms also have relationships with doctors that specialize in workers’ comp cases and can guide you to someone who can help you with case documentation and early treatment.


Since workers’ comp lawyers generally work on a contingency fee, many firms would assign paralegals to your case. Ensure that you are working directly with an attorney and not a paralegal in your case.


Most good lawyers and law firms offer free consultations to prospective workers’ comp clients! Also check whether you feel comfortable with the attorney and s/he can answer your queries. Going through a workers’ comp case can be a tough time and you want someone who you trust and are comfortable with, with you during this time.

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