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You Were Injured at Work

It finally happened. You were at work and while doing your job, you had an accident that has laid you off. You should notify management at once that you had an injury, even if, for now, you do not feel the full extent of the injury. Some injuries will begin causing problems for you, physically, if you do not get the injury looked at.

Arizona Worker’s Compensation – A.R.S. § 23-932

All businesses in Arizona employing at least one person, other than an independent contractor, must provide the employee(s) with worker’s compensation insurance. The business must also offer employees the right to reject the insurance plan, report all injuries and file the paperwork promptly, and respond to inquiries and investigations of a claim made. Click the link above to see the Arizona statute.

You notified the company about your injury and did everything you were supposed to, according to what they need to know from you. But, you have just been informed that Worker’s Compensation has declined your case. So, now you are injured and you are laid off without any financial compensation coming in.

What You Should Do If Your Claim is Rejected

What should you do next? Call an Arizona attorney who specializes in Worker’s Compensation, and who is willing to give you a free consultation. You must have all the paperwork you filed to Worker’s Compensation, including dates of the injury, who you filed the paperwork with at your company, and answer any questions your attorney asks you. Your worker’s compensation attorney may ask you to come in for your interview, so bring every piece of paperwork you have.

Reasons for Denial of Initial Claim

Your employer may claim that you missed the deadline for sending your paperwork or that you gave incomplete paperwork. Other reasons may include the following:

  • Worker misconduct
  • Injury occurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Worker did not follow required safety rules or purposely put himself in danger
  • Injury was the result of an earlier injury – pre-existing conditions
  • Intentional injury.

You will need to show how the employer made the wrong decision, give all medical review papers from the doctor to your lawyer, and answer all questions.

For example, if the employer claims you were working under the influence when the injury happened, did they do blood tests on the spot? Did they need you to go to a clinic for an immediate breathalyzer and blood test? How did they come to this determination?

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Lawyers can take your case on contingency, which means that you do not have to pay anything until the case goes to mediation or court, and you win (hopefully). If you lose, they get nothing. Always check the terms of any contract your lawyer gives you and make sure you know what you will pay if you win.

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