Full Disclosure Recommended for Workers’ Comp Recipients

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When you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits, your employer’s work comp insurance carrier is entitled to find out if you are working during the period when you are receiving your workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation coverage usually includes both wage loss benefits and medical benefits. Since the workers’ compensation insurance company is paying wage loss benefits weekly, they are entitled to a credit for benefits or earnings you may receive if you are also receiving workers’ compensation.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier may send out forms that you need to fill to disclose things like, whether–

  • you have been employed, self-employed or receiving wages, at the same time you are receiving workers’ compensation
  • your medical condition or injury has changed in any way
  • you have been receiving unemployment benefits, social security (old age), severance or pension benefits at the same time you are receiving workers’ compensation

Such forms must be completed and signed by the worker receiving workers’ compensation, and returned back to the insurance adjust or attorney within a given time period, or your workers’ compensation wage loss benefits could be suspended. In some cases, the person may even be prosecuted for fraud under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

If you are a recipient of workers’ compensation benefits and get these forms, you may want to consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to properly fill these forms and ensure they are returned in time to the workers’ compensation carrier.

It is important to remember that these forms are not an option, but must be completed honestly to ensure that your workers’ compensation benefits continue.

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