Can a work comp case be dismissed in Arizona?

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Your workers’ comp case in Arizona may be dismissed if you do not comply with certain procedures and you do not have a lawyer on your side.

One of the main reasons why people hire work comp attorneys is because of interrogatories and notice of deposition.

For instance, if you have filed a request for hearing at the Industrial Commission of Arizona,

a hearing will be scheduled and your employer’s insurance carrier will hire a defense lawyer. That attorney will send you a list of questions or ‘interrogatories’, as part of the ‘discovery’ process to obtain information about your case.

If you do not return the interrogatories with the answers within 10 days, the defense attorney can file a motion with the Administrative Law Judge to compel you to answer them. Failure to answer those questions could lead to dismissal of your claim.

The same holds true for depositions. A deposition is scheduled by the insurer’s defense attorney when you file a request for a hearing at the Industrial Commission. The defense lawyer actually can ask you to come to his office to answer questions. Not attending that deposition could lead to a dismissal of your case.

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