Arizona Workers’ Compensation: Avoiding Injuries from Animals, Insects, and Snakes

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Injuries from animals, insects, and snakes are possible when you work a job in the outdoors. It is always important to remain observant of what is around you as well as hidden by logs and branches lying on the ground. Loggers and forestry workers may have the most experience with these events than others as they may also contend with bears and other wildlife, depending on the time of the year. Thankfully, these attacks do not happen that often although it is wise to always have a lookout person keeping the area safe for the workers.

There are the smaller animals as well as those insects and snakes that hide in darkness, such as under and inside stacked logs, in between larger rocks, and overhead tree branches. You never know when something will rear up and bite you as you walk anywhere out in the wilderness.

Enclosed work areas can also have their own problems when spiders get into a dark workplace area and build their webs unseen. You only find out they are there when you stick your hand close by to move equipment or poles, things that may be laying on the ground, or in a tight grouping on the shelf.

Injuries from Animals, Insects, and Snakes


It is not always easy to continually check if there are spiders, especially poisonous ones, lurking close by. If you wear durable long gloves while moving objects around, you will have fewer chances of getting bitten by spiders.

Two of the most common poisonous spiders to watch out for are Black Widows (red hourglass on the underside) and the Brown Recluse (brown violin shape on the upper back). If you are bitten by either one, get it treated immediately at the emergency room.

Stay away from any beehives you come across while walking outside. If the hive looks like a problem for the workplace area, have a professional come in and remove or relocate the hive to somewhere else. Never try to do this yourself.

Another insect to protect against are ticks. Anytime you will be walking through the underbrush, wear knee-high boots and spray a repellent on the boots. Make sure the bottoms of your pants are tucked inside and closed against anything getting in the boots as well.

After you are done with the walk, remove your clothes and put them in the washer. Check yourself all over and ensure you did not get a rogue tick on you. Then take a shower. Ticks carry several diseases including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), and many more, some of which can be lethal if allergic to the venom. The most common Arizona tick is the Brown Dog tick which carries RMSF.


Arizona has over 50 species of snakes, some of which inhabit populous areas. The Western Diamondback rattlesnake is often found in the Phoenix area and is poisonous. The Southwestern Speckled rattlesnake comes in several appearances and is found in the Camelback Mountain and South Mountain regions, but also in North Phoenix.

Other poisonous Arizona snakes are the Sidewinder, the Tiger rattlesnake, Mojave rattlesnake, Arizona Black Rattlesnake, and more. Visit this website to see pictures and find out more about where these snakes are commonly found and what they look like. The best safety rule is if it slithers, stay away from it.


Employers must always notify workers about any dangerous animals or poisonous snakes and insects that you might encounter when you are working your job. It is important that anyone who becomes injured be taken immediately to a hospital. If in a remote location for a job, protection and medical supplies should be brought with the team for immediate help while transporting the injured worker to the nearest town. It is also a good idea to connect with a medical helicopter service to let them know where the job will be located and who to call for help.

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