Arizona Property Owners, Including Employers, are Responsible for Slips and Falls on Ice

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As we head into the cold months of winter and happy holidays, remember that even in Arizona, snow can fall and icy pavements around homes and places of employment can develop quickly. Don’t let your holiday be a time of unhappiness if someone slips on your property, and you must pay their medical bills because you were responsible for it. Save your money spending for the gifts for your beloved children, family members, and close friends.

Homeowners who do not remove ice from their driveways and sidewalks maybe meeting up with personal injury lawyers of victims who slipped and fell on their property, breaking a bone while falling. Even that friendly pizza guy making a delivery to your door could sue you if he slips and falls, twisting his back, injuring his leg, or cracking his elbow of the arm holding up the pizza.

Customers shopping for Christmas presents present a risk for businesses who allow snow (resulting in puddles) tracked into their stores and do not get it swept up and dried quickly. Any one of them, particularly the elderly, can slip and fall, breaking fragile bones. This can be a financial nightmare for any business.

Slips and Falls Accident Report

What You Can Do to Stay Out of Legal Hot Water

Outside walkways leading into stores should be treated with rock salt to melt ice and prevent any further buildup from happening. If the parking lot has even a slight slope, you will want to treat that area as well. Spending money to make your store and property safe is far better than having to pay personal injury settlements for an accident, possibly more than one.

The Duty of all Employers

Arizona employers can do the same thing by using rock salt (sodium chloride) on parking lots and walkways to ensure that employees do not slip and fall, injuring themselves to the point where they must go on workers’ compensation. Even if employers are renting a parking area, that is still a company-designated parking lot, and employers are responsible for any accidents that occur. Have a cleaning crew designated specifically for removing puddles inside the building and keeping the floors dry and safe.

Other Options to Use on Icy Pavements

Sand, non-clumping kitty litter (unused, please), fireplace ash, are some of the other items to use in a pinch where a dangerous area has developed on your property. These are better for homeowners with smaller footage of the property. Homeowners should avoid using rock salt because it is not healthy for pets and other animals living in the area who may walk on it.

For employers, you can call your local department of transportation to find out some other ideas about removing or neutralizing icy areas that could be potential hazards for employees, customers, and neighbors. If you cannot get rock salt, see what it costs to get sand brought in. This would be the most likely alternative.

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