Are car accidents covered under Workers’ Compensation?

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If you’re completing a work-related task, and it results in a car accident, you may be left wondering if you are covered under workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation covers a variety of illnesses and injuries. If you were performing a job-related task and got injured or fell sick as a result of it, it makes you eligible for workers’ compensation.

You would be covered by workers’ compensation, if –

  • You were making deliveries – if your job includes driving to make deliveries for your employer on a regular basis, or if they need extra help bringing products to a client, a vehicle accident would make you eligible for workers’ compensation. The same holds true if you were driving a company-owned truck or car.
  • You were calling on a customer – If you were traveling for a job or to deal with clients off-site for the benefit of your employer, you are also eligible for workers’ compensation.
  • You were driving to a company event, company-hosted party, tournament or even a grill-out and you got into a car accident, you would be eligible for workers’ compensation.
  • Other situations – You could have been going for or coming from a company-sponsored banquet, for a round of golf with a client or executing any other task for your employer, workers’ compensation should cover you.

Independent contractors and volunteers are not usually covered, but if you are a part-time or full-time employee, you can receive benefits in the wake of a work-related car accident.

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