Anatomy of an Arizona Workers’ Compensation Claim, Installment One

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This flow chart is intended to provide a broad overview of the workers’ compensation claims process beginning with the filing of claim. The flow chart covers either the processing of benefits for an accepted claim or the litigation process for a denied claim. In very basic terms, it also covers the various events that may lead to litigation following the acceptance of a claim and culminates with the closure of a claim. The typical stages in the litigation process are also mapped out. Of course this is a broad overview of the system and doesn’t cover the many nuanced issues and events that could arise out of a complex and evolving legal system.

In future Installments of “Anatomy of an Arizona Workers’ Compensation Claim” I’ll provide more detailed flow charts and commentary applicable to each of the various “anatomy sub-parts” of the Arizona workers’ compensation system.

Workers Compensation Claims Flow Chart

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