3 Important Things about Forklift Safety

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Forklifts can pose a risk to the driver and other workers nearby, if they’re not managed properly. They can cause serious—and even fatal—injuries.

Here are 3 important safety tips to help you stay safe while operating a forklift.


The most common forklift-related injuries are caused when an operator is driving too fast and tips the forklift or collides with pedestrians. An inability to stop a forklift in time due to unsafe speeds can cause severe injury. Follow the speed limits and warning signs at your workplace, especially when other workers or pedestrians may be present. Always make sure you have enough time to slow down when approaching a stop sign, intersection, walkway or a turn.


Apart from maintaining safe speeds, keep a clear view. For example, shelving units and stacked pallets can obstruct your view in warehouses.

This is even more important when reversing. Avoid crashing into something by checking if there is anyone or anything behind you instead of depending on the backup alarm.


When parking a forklift, it’s important to make sure the vehicle will not prove dangerous to others. To avoid any potential dangers,

  • Park on a level surface
  • Ensure the parking brake works and is fully engaged
  • Lower the lifting mechanisms completely
  • Neutralize and lock the controls, if possible
  • Remove the key from the ignition

Even the most experienced, careful operators may become injured in a forklift accident. By following important forklift safety rules, you can ensure that you, and others around you, are safe.

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