3 Errors that may cost you Work Comp Benefits

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If you have suffered an injury or illness at work, a workers’ compensation claim may offer compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. However, the law and the process may prove complex. That is a common reason why workers may make errors along the way which may lead to the claim being denied or the workers receiving less compensation than they deserve.

Working with a skilled work comp lawyer can help you avoid these errors and get you what you deserve. Here are the top three errors that workers make and how to avoid them.

Not reporting the injury on time

If you suffer an injury at work or while executing job-related duties, you must report it to your employer in writing and right away. This shows that your injury or illness is serious. If you wait to report the injury or illness, you are likely to have problems claiming compensation. The employer or their insurance company may doubt that the injury occurred at work or the severity of your injury and offer you less compensation than you deserve. You also run the risk of your claim being denied.

Once you notify your employer of your injury, they have to provide you information about their work comp insurance company.Within 10 days of your reporting the injury, they must also notify their work comp insurance company and the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona).

Not seeking treatment

Not seeking immediate medical treatment for your workplace injury or illness and/or not following the doctor’s orders for treatment also puts workers at risk of having the work comp claim denied.

If you do not seek or follow medical care, it may show to the employer and the insurance company that you are not injured or that your injury is not serious.

Not maintaining records

If you have suffered a workplace injury or illness, you must maintain accurate and detailed records of your treatment, doctor’s appointments, the time you missed from work due to your injury and all expenses made your medical treatment. This will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

The law does not require you to consult a work comp attorney. However, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you go through the process more smoothly, ensuring you are able to report your injury, maintain documentation, and gather and supply appropriate evidence as needed, to claim what you are entitled to.

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