What Medical Equipment and Treatment Expenses Will Workers’ Compensation Pay For?

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There are several ways to look at the issues of what Workers’ Compensation will pay for, when it comes to the medical equipment and treatment expenses that will be paid for. The first issue that is looked at when deciding to pay for a more expensive motorized wheelchair, is if you are permanently disabled for life, or if you are temporarily disabled, but expected to make a full recovery.

Quality of Life

  • Wheelchairs

All permanently injured workers, including those with terminal work-related illnesses, deserve to have a good quality of life for the time remaining to them. If a motorized wheelchair helps with achieving that goal, allowing a permanently injured worker to access more places, then it will likely be paid for.

What may be at issue is whether an expensive brand with very comfortable seating and better hand controls, is what should be paid for, rather than a less expensive brand where you need to buy a seat and back cushion to survive the ride beyond one hour. The lesser brand may also need better footrests and must also be charged up more often than the expensive brand.

  • The Bed

Some lung illnesses may require a patient to sleep at a 45-degree angle, which would prevent fluids from building up in the lungs if lying in a prone position. Buy a bed that allows a person to adjust the resting angle of the upper body, giving more physical comfort in breathing when trying to sleep. If you have a spouse who needs to sleep in a prone position, then a bed that adjusts to each person’s needs is the one to buy.

The Argument for Such Expenditures

The argument here is that it would be unfair to separate the married couple from being together as they normally have been during their marriage. If a bed and mattress brand has separated sections that meet the requirements of both parties, with one person needing that medical application of adjustable angles, then Workers’ Compensation should pay for that bed. It was not needed before the job-related accident or illness but is needed now.

Workers’ Compensation may argue that the patient could have bought a cheaper version of that arrangement and offer to pay the difference between the two brands. The argument back to Workers’ Compensation is that it is more about the quality of the adjustments as well as the quality of the mattress which is designed to avoid getting bedsores from being in one position too long.

The same argument is also applicable when considering the controls of a motorized wheelchair, how well it runs, braking system, and the ability to maneuver a chair with ease in any direction. No one wants to fight with the controls of a wheelchair to get to point B from point A, causing more stress on the body and adding to the frustration of a patient’s mental outlook.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) of 2015

The AMMA of 2015 provides the right of state-registered card-carrying patients to use medical marijuana applications under the management of a doctor for the listed debilitating illnesses mentioned in this act. The AMMA also outlines where it can be used and where its presence is banned. Other provisions also state how much of the plant can be grown, if living too far from a dispensary, and how it is transported when moving to a new home. At present,

In the future, more changes may occur as an expansion of patients’ needs occur and more research is done, related to the different parts of the AMA. HB 2149, for example, is a bill to legalize the extract of resins for use as a medical marijuana application. Currently, Arizona Workers’ Compensation or other Arizona health organizations are not liable for reimbursements of any medically-recommended marijuana applications.

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