Contingent Fees in Workers’ Comp Cases

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Contingent fees are often known as the “poor man’s key to the courthouse.” In the context of workers’ comp cases, it is the poor man’s key to the Industrial Commission.

A contingent fee agreement postulates that the workers’ comp lawyer for the injured worker is paid only if he obtains benefits for his client as a result of his work. If the client does not get the compensation, the attorney does not get paid. This makes it possible for an injured worker to litigate his claim with the help of an experienced attorney, one who is as capable as the insurance carrier’s attorney.


Lawyers often have to advance costs to prepare a case for hearing, for example, copies of relevant medical records. However, your attorney may ask you to obtain the medical records since federal HIPAA regulations require doctors to provide copies of medical records to patients for a very small charge.

When a treating physician testifies at the Industrial Commission hearing, your lawyer will talk to him in advance to review his/her testimony. The doctor will charge for the time spent.

In cases where there is loss of earning capacity, the carrier often hires a labor market consultant to identify jobs, suitable for the injured worker, and reasonably available to him. Your lawyer will retain another labor market expert to obtain an independent and reliable opinion regarding your post-injury employability.

You should be aware that your attorney normally advances these expenses to present the best-prepared case possible.

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