Briana Chua Volunteers at ASU for APACE Academy Faculty to Help Young Students

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Asian Pacific Advocacy, Culture and Education Academy

Briana volunteered to help students enrolled in the 2016 APACE Academy (Asian Pacific Advocacy, Culture and Education) recently. APACE is a one-week summer program at ASU with a focus on Asian Pacific American history, culture and contemporary issues, as well as cultural competency, public-speaking, and civic engagement.

APACE Academy students also engage in college and career readiness activities; meet new friends; and get connected to faculty, current ASU students, and community mentors from similar cultural communities, who will inspire them to pursue their dream of a college education.

Briana was part of the APACE Academy faculty, helping the students to prepare for their mock trial which took place on the last day of the program. To learn more about the program, visit:

Watch the video recap below!

APACE show from Kathy Nakagawa on Vimeo.

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